Frix frax art

Frix and Frax were two toad villains in Bucky O'Hare. They appeared in several episodes and were voiced by Terry Klassen (Frix) and Scott McNeil (Frax).


Frix and Frax were high-ranking officers in the Toad Empire and served as personal assistants to the Air Marshall. However, despite their high rank, they were borderline useless, preferring to watch Toad TV rather than do anything of importance. It's possible they were related, but it is unknown for certain. They were nearly identical in appearance, capable of being told apart only by their voices and by Frix's much larger chin.

Arcade Game

The duo appear as bosses on on Planet Rat. They are manning a large double-barreled laser cannon under the Air Marshal's supervision. When the weapon gets destroyed by Bucky O'Hare and his crew, the two run off with the Air Marshall and are never seen again.

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