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Don't touch the star! Try you won't get very far. We'll bounce ya once, bounce ya twice. If you get outta line, we're not very nice. We'll bounce, bounce ya all over the place. Bounce, bounce, bounce bounce, If we don't like your face! Get away from the star!
~ The Frog Bouncers' song.

The Frog Bouncers are supporting antagonists in Don Bluth's 1991 animated film Rock-A-Doodle. They are Pinky's security staff and the King's bodyguards. This group consists of about 13 Frog Bouncers.

Max was voiced by Jake Steinfeld, Bucky was voiced by Jack Angel, Squints was voiced by Philip Proctor, James was voiced Jim Cummings, Bear was voiced by Brad Garrett, Frans was voiced by Jeff Bennett, Samuel was voiced by Charlie Adler, Jerry was voiced by Rob Paulsen, Vincent was voiced by Michael Gough, Dick was voiced by Bill Farmer, Laurence was voiced by Richard White, Kenny was voiced by Ron Perlman, and Bob was voiced by Corey Burton.


In Pinky's Palace, Max attempts to capture them, only to grab their penguin suits as they escape his clutches. Unfortunately, Pinky calls Bucky and Squints to throw the group out of his nightclub, disguising themselves as sea creatures. But like Max, Edmond, Peepers, Patou, and Snipes escape them once again.

Later, the guards are seen watching for intruders on Chanticleer's farm during "Kiss 'n Coo".

The Frog Bouncers finally catch Edmond and his friends as Max is instructed to lock them up in Pinky's trailer. They assist Pinky in filming, "King Gone Mad". After Chanticleer discovers the truth that his friends are looking for him, Max and Bucky hold him back as Pinky threatens Chanticleer to continue with his career.

When Chanticleer and Goldie escape via motorcycle, they are ordered to stop them and ride off on their own motorcycles. After a wild car chase, Max, Bucky, and Squints are ordered to climb up the nearly wrecked water tower and catch the group. It is unknown what has happened to them afterwards, though it could be assumed that they were fired from their jobs and later got a new line of business.


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