The Frogs are of anthropomorphic predators who are often the antagonists in the Maya the Bee series. The vast majority of them are members of the frogs, led by Rib-It. Their homeland is the pond and they attempted to eat insects because they invaded the meadow. Their main currency is their frogs (mainly Rib-it), which can also be used to capture the bugs from staying in the meadow.


Frogs are lived in the pond who was predatory and savage who believes that insects invaded the meadow. They couldn't speak who acts like animals, although some animals who can speak and refuse to eat bugs. They are hungry, greedy, and ruthless towards the bugs which was attempted to eat them. They were dislikes the insects (mainly Maya) because they invaded the meadow to live there.


In the series, the frogs are one of the antagonists which was mentioned by the insects in some episodes. The insects were terrified of the animals, which their are predators who tries to capture and eat the bugs. They also didn't like starvation and other insects (even Maya and Willy) who tries to saves them from being eaten.

In the CGI series, it was only Rib-It and Croak who was the main villains which they dislikes for the bugs because they lived in the meadow. They are mentioned by the bugs who thinks about it during the episodes, like was only two frogs until the films.

In the CGI films, they are finally seen it (except Croak) which was three green frogs along with Rib-It. The green frog was first who missed to capture Flip and Maya, then when Maya was banished from the his by Buzzlina, Rib-It and his frogs tries to eat her and Willy too, but they missed it again. While Willy was in a rage about Maya couldn't go back to the hive which she wants to stay in the meadow, Willy thowns the stick on Rib-It and starts to follow him, then he tries to eat him and Willy hits his tongue by telling him off. In the sequel, Rib-It tries to eat Bedford, but he missed it because Spinder rescues him from being eaten.


  • The frogs are Rib-It's minions and they attempted to eat the insects.
  • They doesn't seen the episodes until the films.