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Actualise... synergy... SYNERGISE. Growth... profit... GROFIT?!
~ Frohd Bek in his Ambulas Reborn commercial.
This is the future: Power. Precision. Prestige. The pinnacle of the war-smith's art.
~ Bek describing his Ambulas Reborn project.

Frohd Bek is a major antagonist in the MMO third person shooter Warframe.

He is the current chairman of the Corpus Board of Directors and as such the de-facto leader of the Corpus, as well as father of Darvo Bek, an ally of the Tenno. While he has a heavy dislike of the Tenno, he is all too aware of the threat they pose, which is why he usually prefers to avoid painting a target on his back.

He serves as a supporting character in the The Hunt for Alad V and Black Seed Scourge events, a minor antagonist in the The Archwing quest and the primary antagonist of the Ties That Bind and Ambulas Reborn events.


Despite being the highest-ranking Corpus member seen in the game, Frohd Bek wears a red-colored regular Crewmen uniform, in contrast with the more expensive and flashy clothing of Alad V or Nef Anyo. That being said he never wears a helmet, showing his face having a tattoo with two red circles moving over his forehead and nose.


Frohd Bek is notable for his pragmatism and his resentfulness. While he has the greed the Corpus are known for, he usually prefers to let his enemies fight each other and profiting from what remains. He keeps his disdain for the Tenno mostly to a few insults, trying to avoid their wrath wherever he can and even chastising Alad V for doing so, as they are far too destructive to provoke. A sentiment he would later ignore himself due to overconfidence in his Ambulas proxies and the Animo Processor.

Bek holds a grudge against his son for refusing to take the seat on the Corpus Board he has been groomed for, but has a burning hatred against his former student Ergo Glast. In his rant to Glast, Bek reveals his ego and treacherous nature, claiming that he built himself up to the position of chairman from nothing while Glast merely responds that Bek got rich from claiming the work of others as his own, something proven through Bek's use of Glast's Animo Processor.


The Hunt for Alad V

After Alad V lost the war with the Grineer in the Gravidus Dilemma event and wasted millions of credits, and feeling his position being threatened by the potential of his Zanuka Program, Frohd Bek decided he has had enough of Alad and sent a fleet to collect his debts. Alad V retaliated by unleashing the Infested he was experimenting on against Bek's ships, buying himself time to escape. Bek contacted The Lotus and offered her a deal: In exchange for helping his men cleanse his ships of the Infestation he would send her the coordinates to Alad V's location, which would allow her to stop Alad from dissecting Warframes captured during the Gravidus Dilemma for his Zanuka Program.

She reluctantly agreed and Bek managed to win two birds with one stone, protecting his position as chairman and claiming Alad V's funds for himself, although Alad managed to survive.

Ties That Bind

With the threat of Councilor Vay Hek's "Project Tethra" looming in the near future, Frohd Bek captured his estranged son Darvo to force him to take his seat on the Board of Directors, a position he had groomed Darvo for since he was born. Preferring to do his own thing, Darvo managed to send a request for rescue to his favourite customers, the Tenno, who destroyed the new Hyena proxies Frohd deployed to guard his son's cell and rescued Darvo from his father.

The Archwing

After Project Tethra was seemingly stopped during the Tethra's Doom event, Frohd initially dismissed Vay Hek's declaration of war. Frohd quickly saw his error when his fleet was attacked by Hek's Balor Fomorian ships. Luckily for him, Hek soon shifted his attention towards the Tenno and their newly constructed community relays, allowing Frohd to retreat, reinforce the Corpus' defenses and survive Hek's assault with seemingly minimal losses while the Tenno destroyed the Fomorians in the Eyes of Blight event.

Black Seed Scourge

Frohd contacted the Tenno when a splinter group of the Corpus calling themselves the "Black Seed" threatened to release Juggernaut Infested spores that they stole from Alad V's laboratories onto Bek's facilities. He instructed them to capture Black Seed Operatives so they could track down and kill the Juggernauts, slowing the Black Seed down. They are eventually forced back into hiding, but thanks to their meddling the spores were released into the Origin System, allowing the Juggernaut strain to be assimilated and added to the Infested hordes.

Ambulas Reborn

Warframe Operation Ambulas Reborn

Warframe Operation Ambulas Reborn

Ergo Glast, the leader of the Perrin Sequence, a Corpus splinter group that believes a shared prosperity and mutually benefitial transactions bring more joy than personal profit, approached the Tenno with an intercepted advertisement presenting what is called the "Ambulas Reborn" Project. In it, Frohd Bek announced his new and upgraded Ambulas proxies as the most dangerous and effective products the Corpus have to offer, asking for ample funding to begin immediate production and expressing joy at reaching the needed funding goal at the end of the transmission.

Glast explains that the Perrin Sequence donated a large amount to the project, but only because this entitles them to product information regarding Ambulas, which they can use to destroy them. But the proxies themselves are not what worried Glast the most. The Ambulas proxies are connected to the so-called "Animo Processor", a learning algorithm Glast developed during his days in the Corpus that allows the Ambulas proxies to learn from their mistakes. He feared that if allowed to mature, this Animo Processor could eventually gain independence and become a threat similar to the Sentients that wiped out the Orokin.

To find the Animo Processor and destroy it, the Tenno had to venture out to Corpus outposts and await the arrival of Ambulas reinforcements. They then have to defeat and hack the proxies while Frohd Bek streams the combat footage live to his investors as a demonstration of Ambulas' quality. Upon being hacked, the Ambulas proxy briefly joins the Tenno's side and drops an "Animo Beacon", enough of which reveal the Animo Processor's location: on-board Frohd Bek's personal flagship stationed right above the Ambulas factory.

While the Tenno approached and fought the Ambulas as they were released from the factory, Glast and Frohd Bek antagonized each other directly. Bek used to be Glast's mentor, but Glast left when he realized how one-sided the Corpus system really is. During the fight, dropships approached the battlefield to pick up the intact Ambulas for future use, which the Tenno used to their advantage, hacking and uploading a new directive provided by Glast into the Ambulas. Once enough Ambulas were aboard Bek's flagship, Glast activated the protocol to make the Ambulas destroy the ship from within. Bek's order to eject the bridge module was cut off by the flagship's explosion, destroying the Animo Processor. Bek was later confirmed to have survived.


  • During the Ambulas Reborn event, Frohd received a new voice with an accent similar to his son. In all of his appearances prior, he spoke with a raspy, almost whispering voice as if he had breathing problems. This was explained in the event by Frohd mentioning his larynx having been rebuilt.


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