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fucksociety, shortened as fsociety, is a group of individuals that dislike society, and is the main protagonist group of the USA Network drama TV Show, Mr. Robot.


The leader of the group, Mr. Robot is the alter ego of the mentally ill, yet extremely talented Elliot Alderson. He is the "dark side" of Elliot: He is more outspoken about his anarchistic thoughts and a lot more short-tempered, more prone to violence. Elliot is calm, and never fights anyone. Elliot is also less selfish than Mr. Robot, and the only times he gets angry is when someone he cares about is in a bad situation.

  • Darlene Alderson:

Darlene is Elliot's sister, who works kind of like a helper to Elliot. She is quite similar to Mr. Robot, very outspoken about her anarchistic views on society and why she believes so. She embraces and is proud of being an anarchist, and calls herself a menace to society. Despite being seemingly selfish like Mr. Robot, she cares for Elliot a lot and tries helping him through hard times. She is also, much like Mr. Robot and Elliot, highly intelligent and perfect at hacking.

  • Mobley:

Interestingly enough, Mobley isn't a full-time worker at fsociety like most members, but actually worked at a bank prior to moving out west in the country. He is an expert hacker who originally was a very prominent member, but started getting unsure about the group after Romero's death. He moved west and started working at an electronics store.

  • Trenton:

An expert hacker and college student. She comes from an immigrant family from Iran, and left the group after Mobley left it as well. She works at the same electronics store that Mobley works at.

  • Leslie Romero:

An extremely experienced man who was formerly a phone phreaker. He is loyal to the group, but dies an undeserved death during a neighbourhood shooting.

  • Cisco:

While not directly an fsociety member, he was the boyfriend of Darlene before he died, and therefore naturally helped fsociety with some things.