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Yes, an authentic dinner. Such as one might've attended in Ancient Egypt.The actual feast of an ancient pharaoh. It has not been served in five...thousand...years.
~ Fuad Ramses

Fuad Ramses is the main antagonist in Hershell Gordon Lewis' 1963 splatter/exploitation film Blood Feast.

He was portrayed by Mal Arnold.


Fuad is a manipulative individual who puts himself up to be a respectful member of society. He runs a catering service in a suburb of Miami, FL. When he commits murder, he usually uses a machete and is very careful not to leave any clues behind. His motive for the murders is to bring the goddess Ishtar to life.

The Crimes

Bfeast shot2l

Fuad Ramses

As the film begins, a young woman is murdered when Fuad stabs her right eye repeatedly and cutting her leg off. The next day, socialite Dorothy Fremont arrives at Fuad's catering store and arranges for him to cater a birthday party for her daughter Suzette. Fuad agrees and tells her that the Egyptian meal he is preparing has not been served for 5000 years. Mrs. Fremont wants the catering done in 2 weeks and Fuad assures her that he will have plenty of time to produce the last ingredients he needs. That night, Fuad murders another young girl named Marcy by slicing off the top of her skull and removing her brain. Police detective Pete Thornton  investigates the case, but only found out that the victims had been members of the same book club. Fuad's next victim was a 29-year-old female, he kills her by ripping her tongue out. On August 13, 1963, another victim was found, with her face mutilated but barely alive, she gave the police a vauge description of Fuad, and the woman dies later in hospital. The case moved forward as the 30-year-old family member of Suzette, Trudy Fremont, is kidnapped by Ramses. Police learned that Ramses had taken Trudy to his temple. When they arrived , they found Trudy dead, her body was whipped savagely and cut to pieces, along with the body parts of his other victims and the statue of Ishtar. Fuad Ramses was chased back to the house of Suzette Fremont. When police arrived, he was just about to hack her with a machete. Detective Pete Thornton and his partner pursued the killer, who ran into a nearby garbage dump. As he fled, Ramses fell into a trash compactor, crushing him to death. 

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