Fulvio is one of Capricorn's henchmen and a minor villain in the Inkheart book series and the 2008 adventure-sci fi film adaption Inkheart. He is knife-wielding man with an eye patch on his left eye.

he was portrayed by Stephen Graham.


Like Flatnose, Basta and all Capricorn's other henchmen, Fulvio is from the storybook world of Inkheart and was brought to the real world by a SIlvertounge named Darius.

Fulvio was present when Capricorn's men broughtin Mo, Elinor and Maggie to his court in Capricorn's Castle within an Italian Capricorn's Village|village.

After Mo read the story about a treasure cave from Arabian Nights, Fulvio instead of Flatnose (who is lucky) is thrown into the book and surrounded by Arabian bandits who turned out to be the infamous Forty Thieves. He was not so lucky.