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The Fume Knight, formerly known as Sir Raime, is the secondary antagonist of Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King. Once a knight from Drangleic, he chose not to fight the dark but instead embrace it.


Sir Raime was once a powerful knight who served King Vendrick of Dragleic. He was considered by Vendrick to be his left arm alongside Velstadt, the Royal Aegis, his right arm. That was until Raime began to question Vendrick's decisions to declare war on the giants and criticized him. Raime and Velstadt clashed following Raime's "blasphemy" of the king's actions and was defeated. Velstadt banished Raime from the kingdom to live his life in exile as a traitor.

Leaving Dragleic behind, Raime traveled far to find greater strength. He soon came across the Brume Tower that once resided the Old Iron King; inside was Nadalia, one of the Children of Dark. She manipulated Raime to become her champion for a new purpose, and although Raime had the power to expunge her, he chose to ally with her due to infatuation. It is unknown if it was love or some other sort of power from the dark that turned Raime to the dark side. Part of Nadalia's soul merged with Raime, corrupting him with the dark and thus transforming him into the Fume Knight.

The Fume Knight can be found in the bottom rooms of the Brume Tower, guarding Nadalia's corpse and the Crown of the Old Iron King. When entering the fog gate, only his ultra greatsword can be seen. The Fume Knight appears from smoke that emits from the greatsword once the player approaches it. Surrounding the ultra greatsword are four Ashen Idols; if they are not destroyed with Smelter Wedges, they will heal the Fume Knight when he gets low on health.

The Fume Knight that was once Sir Raime attacks using both his ultra greatsword and a regular sword. While his speed is slow, each of his attacks deals massive amounts of damage. Defensively, his armor has a very high resistance to elemental attacks, making it necessary to prioritize using physical attacks. When his health reaches halfway, the Fume Knight ditches the small sword to two-hand his ultra greatsword, letting him swing faster. He can also buff his greatsword with fire or dark to further boost his power. Once he finally goes down, he then drops the Soul of Nadalia and the Soul of the Fume Knight.





  • If Velstadt's helmet is worn during or before the battle, the Fume Knight automatically swaps to his second phase.
  • He appears to be left-handed due to his preference to wield his greatsword in his left hand.
  • Steelheart Ellie and Carhillion of the Fold can be summoned to aid the player in fighting the Fume Knight. However, neither of them are recommended because they are unable to deal enough damage to the Fume Knight before he defeats them in a few hits.
  • Raime's favorite bird was the black crow, which was controversial as in Drangleic as crows are seen as harbingers for death.
  • According to stats collected by FromSoft, the Fume Knight has the highest failure rate in the game at 93%.
  • The Soul of the Fume Knight can be consumed for 16,000 souls or traded with Weaponsmith Ornifex to obtain either the Fume Sword or the Fume Ultra Greatsword.


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