Fumiko in Castle of Shikigami III

Fumiko Odette Van Stein is one of the main characters from the Castle of Shikigami series. However, unlike the other playable characters she is far from heroic, usually getting involved only for her own petty reasons. One of her hobbies is stealing men from other women, her other hobby being trampling over anyone who gets in her way. She is not beyond killing her love rivals, even people close to her.

Fumiko is descendant of a German soldier with a Japanese woman, having apparently been born during World War II. She is initially seen working for a secret organization reminiscent of the Third Reich, which hunts down demons. After she completes her mission she defects from the organization, setting on he own agenda. She made it her personal goal to make Kohtaro Kuga her husband, helping him on his missions only so she can deal herself with anything that comes in harm's way of her would-be husband.

Fumiko is always accompanied by her butler Munchausen, who acts as her shikigami attack by shooting a satellite beam from afar. All other characters usually have something against her.


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