Fumin is a ninja of the Tube Empire in service to Prince Igam and a supporting antagonist in Hikari Sentai Maskman, as well as the rival of Haruka aka Yellow Mask.

She is portrayed by Kaori Kubota.


Fumin was a ninja of the Fu Tribe who entered service to the Igam family, possessing an intense loyalty to Prince Igam.

When the Tube Empire invaded the surface world, Fumin participated in the attack, fighting frequently with Haruka of the Maskman.

Though she later learned that Igam was really a woman, Fumin continued serving and protecting Igam. She later died protecting Igam from a cave-in caused by Emperor Zeba having the Underground Castle raised to the surface.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to a knowledge of various combat techniques, Fumin also wields various "ninja" weapons such as kunais and shurikens. She also possesses the ability to shoot fire from her mouth.



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