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Fumito Nanahara is the main antagonist of the anime series Blood-C and its sequel movie Blood-C: The Last Dark. He is also the chairman of the Seventh Heaven organization, and the cousin of the Last Dark's secondary antagonist Kuroto Mogari. He had feelings for Saya Kisaragi whom he manipulated into fake world when she was expedient of Shrovetide.

In the movie Last Dark Fumito worked with his cousin Kuroto Mogari.





  • Fumito is the second main antagonist in the "Blood" fictional universe, the first of which was Diva in Blood+.
  • In the sequel movie, The Last Dark, in which Fumito also serves as the main antagonist, his facial features and hairstyle are slightly redesigned, apparently to more closely resemble Johan Liebert, whom he already greatly resembles in terms of personality.

    A comparison of Fumito's redesign (left) with Johan Liebert (right).

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