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How American. The backseat, the movies, the beautiful girl... You know what's missing? Popcorn.
~ Funekei Yoshida

Funekei Yoshida is the main antagonist of the 1991 film Showdown in Little Tokyo. He is the leader of the Iron Claw Yakuza, and the man who murdered Chris Kenner's parents as a child. 

He was portrayed by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.


In the past, Yoshida was an assassin for the Yakuza in Japan, and had murdered the young child Chris Kenner's parents, making an attempt to kill him as well. Years later, Yoshida is now the leader of the Iron Claw Yakuza in Los Angeles, and is a drug manufacturer who uses a local brewery as his distribution center. Meanwhile, Kenner is now a Los Angeles police officer who is given a new partner in the form of Johnny Murata. 

Yoshida murders Tanaka, the owner of a downtown nightclub called the Bonsai Club, by crushing him in a car compactor in order to take his business. To celebrate his success, Yoshida throws a party at the nightclub, during which a girl at the party, Angel, is revealed to have warned Tanaka. Yoshida questions her loyalty, and Angel attempts to offer herself to him. Yoshida drugs Angel and then decapitates her with his katana. Afterwards, the coroner runs an analysis on Angel's body and discovers that Yoshida had intensely drugged her, which would have led to her death anyways. 

Kenner and Johnny investigate the Bonsai Club in suspicion of working with the Yakuza. There, they meet the singer Minako Okeya, Angel's friend. However, they are captured by the Yakuza and taken to Yoshida, and Kenner recognizes him as his parent's killer. Kenner and Johnny escape, but Yoshida rapes Minako and vows to kill Kenner. Some time later, Kenner and Johnny rescue Minako. Enraged, Yoshida murders one his his men for failing to stop them, and has Kenner and Johnny recaptured and tortured. However, the officers manage to free themselves and battle Yoshida, culminating in Kenner killing Yoshida in a swordfight.

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