(Chowder: Mung! What did you do to Mung!?) I made him better! Ha! Ha! (Chowder: Mung, I'm coming! Why can't I move!?) 'Cause your mine now kid! Ha Ha! Ha! And together, we'll cover this stinking town in MOLD!! (Chowder: Mold!? You told me you were a spice!) Yeah, I lied it's a bad habit.
~ Funjl unveiling his plan to Chowder.

Funjl is a mold pixie and a minor antagonist in Chowder. He lies and has been locked in a jar for over 700 years. He tricks Chowder to be his friend and puts mold on everything. Mung Daal once tried to use his mold to impress his cooking master, thinking it was a spice.


He first appears as a glowing mold ball that Chowder found behind a few boxes in the cellar while trying to look for fizzle spice. Chowder shakes the jar, which angers Junjl as the latter tells him to stop shaking the jar, still shown as a mold ball until his true form is shown while he asks Chowder if he's trying to kill him. Funjl tells Chowder to free him from the jar. Chowder tells Funjl that he's not supposed to touch anything and Funjl corrects him by b pointing at the mess Chowder made while looking for the fizzle spice. Chowder asks Funjl if he'll help him find the fizzle spice, but Funjl calls it garbage, then lies to Chowder that he's the best spice ever. Chowder was going to show Funjl to Mung to prove he's a big help, but Funjl tells Chowder to keep him a secret. Chowder asks him why he should keep Funjl a secret from Mung, Funjl tells him that the secret is actually a surprise, but Chowder tells him that Mung's heart can't take anymore surprises, but Funjl lies by telling him he'll love the surprise he has in store form, to which Chowder leaves the cellar with Funjl still inside the jar.


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