Funky Dynamite is an enemy from the second Ninja Gaiden video game for the NES console.


Funky Dynamite was originally a nameless and simple commodore lizard. Ashtar, leader of the Chaos tribe, decided to create a cybernetic monster. He found the commodore lizard and used it for an experiment.  By using dark magic and science, Ashtar transformed the lizard into a cybernetic monster equipped with weapons. Ashtar renamed his new monster as Funky Dynamite.


CIA agent Irene Lew was abducted by Ashtar's forces and she was taken to the Tower of Lahja. Irene's boyfriend, the ninja Ryu Hayabusa, was informed by a US agent. Ryu boarded a train and traveled to the Tower of Lahja. Along the way, he fought Ashtar's minions while ascending a mountain. Soon, Ryu reached the Tower Lahja. He ascended the tower and reached the top where Funky Dynamite was waiting. They immediately engaged in battle.

During the battle, Funky Dynamite used jets attached to his body and flew above the ground. While in midair, Funky Dynamite launched projectiles at Ryu. The ninja was able to counter the attacks. To fight back, Ryu repeatedly jumped from atop nearby pillars. He used his Dragon Sword many times to damage Funky Dynamite. As the result of constant damage, Funky Dynamite's jets were destroyed and he was forced onto the ground. Funky Dynamite then launched a barrage of multiple projectiles. While on the ground, Funky Dynamite seemed to be immune to Ryu's attacks. However, Ryu noticed a glitch in Funky Dynamite's destroyed jets. By using the Dragon Sword and Ninpo magic, overpowered the jets' engine until it exploded. The explosion killed Funky Dynamite. After the battle ended, Ryu rescued his girlfriend Irene.


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