Funnybot is a comedian robot and a character in the TV show South Park. created and manufactured in Germany with a purpose of entertaining people and proving Germans are not the least funny people in the world.

It appeared in the episode with the same name and served as the main antagonist, but only between the half point and end of the episode when he turns good again. It opened fire on a performance to make huge laughs and said his catchphrase "Akward", many people including the people who died thought it was hilarious. He later wanted to destroy humanity with US and Russian nuclear weapons because it was the "ultimate joke". It was stopped by Jimmy Valmer and had a "change of heart".


Funnybot's appearance is based on Dalek from Doctor Who.

The Funnybot is modeled heavily on the Daleks from Doctor Who in body design, sound, and mannerisms. Both feature a mission to destroy humanity, blatant disregard for human life, use a catch phrase Funnybot's is "Akward" the Daleks is "Exterminate!", feature electronically synthesized voices, manipulate items using a plunger arm and have one eye on their head.

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