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It's such a pity Asuma, I thought we still could have been good friends.
~ Furido speaking to Asuma Sarutobi an old pal.
You do not know how long I have waited for the dawn of the Land Of Fire. This is not the time where they should die more.
~ Furido

Furido (in Japanese: フリド, Furido), also known as Kazuma (in Japanese: カズマ, Kazuma), is an antagonist from the Naruto Shippuden anime. He strongly supported the Feudal Lord and believed that the Lord should be the only "king" of the Land of Fire. The other "king" he referred to was the Hokage, and he sought to destroy that other king along with the Leaf.

He was voiced by Kazuya Nakai in the Japanese dubbed version, and by Pete Sepenuk in the English dubbed version.


When the Nine Tailed Fox attacked the Leaf, Furido harnessed a portion of its chakra and sealed it inside a young monk named Sora. During his time in the Twelve Ninja Guardians, he joined the other five that supported the Feudal Lord when the group split. This put him at odds with Asuma, who supported the Hokage. About ten years after the incident, he assembled a four-man squad, consisting of Fudo, Fuen, and Fuka, and made his move to destroy the Leaf Village. He planned to do this by raising four heroic ninja of the Land of Fire and using a powerful lightning jutsu known as Limelight. He also destroyed another village and made zombies out of the Kohaku clan.

He later met Sora in the Leaf Village, telling him that Asuma killed his father, Kazuma. Sora then swore vengeance on Asuma and made an attempt to kill him, while Furido was able to sway the young monk to his cause, leading him to attack Tsunade in her office. When the time came to destroy the village, one of his comrades, Fudo, reanimated the ninja he slaughtered in the other village, which would serve as a diversion. Another of his comrades, Fuen, also placed a barrier around the Leaf to prevent the enemy's escape, but also allowing the group to pass freely on both sides of the barrier. The four ninja he resurrected (as their former living selves) would destroy the village with their Limelight jutsu. However, the plan failed when Asuma killed one of the four ninja. His three comrades were also killed and their jutsu dispelled.

This led Furido to break the Nine-Tails seal within Sora, despite his protests, and have him destroy the village instead. He is later revealed to be Sora's father Kazuma, the name Furido merely being an alias. Asuma dueled with Kazuma, reprimanding him for using his son as a tool to destroy the village. With assistance from Sai, Kazuma was defeated. Asuma told him that the Land of Fire would continue to exist as it always had, which Kazuma scoffed at with his dying breath.


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