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Furio Giunta.jpg

Furio Giunta is a major antagonist in the HBO series The Sopranos.

He was portrayed by Federico Castelluccio.


Season 2

Furio is a soldier in Italy who is present when Tony Soprano and his crew travel there. Furio's ruthlessness is shown when he beats up a kid for playing with firecrackers which even the normally sociopathic Paulie Gualtieri objects to. However Tony sees that Furio's lack of empathy could be an asset. Furio's loyalty also impresses Tony when he is willing to take a bullet for Don Vittorio. Arrangements are made for Furio to be a soldier for Tony in New Jersey. The trust Tony places in Furio annoys Salvatore Bonpensiero.

Furio seems oblivious to this and remains friendly and respectful to Pussy. Furio lays a beating on a married couple who own a brothel and are in debt to Tony While Tony sits outside smoking and laughs at their screams of pain. Furio is also shown extorting Hilliel Teitleman to allow the mob's card games to take place in his hotel by threatening to reveal his relationship with prostitutes. Furio also takes full advantage of his higher position to bully Matthew Bevilaqua and Sean Gismonte, unfairly taking money from them. After Richie Aprile's death Furio is one of the two people trusted by Tony to dispose of Richie's body.

Season 3

Furio continues to serve Tony faithfully and seems to be one of the more level headed and less confrontational mobsters. When John Kennedy ignores the calls of Tony's Uncle Corrado Furio assists Tony in threatening Kennedy into returning Junior's calls and makes no attempt tp hide his hostility towards Kennedy. Furio is shot by Jackie Aprile Jr. when he robs Eugene Pontecorvo's card game. This backs Tony into a corner and forces him to order Jackie's death, as he'd hurt a made man.

Season 4

Furio falls in love with Tony's wife Carmela and becomes disgusted with the way Tony treats her. Whenever Furio comes to the house to drive Tony he makes sure to talk to Carmela and say nice things about her. After Tony's friend Artie Bucco is conned after being lent money by Tony the debt is assumed by Tony and he sends Furio to collect money from the scammer. This scammer is possibly killed by Furio to keep him from revealing anything as what happens after Furio arrives at the door is not shown.

When Furio goes to italy for his father's funeral he tells his uncle about his feelings for Carmela and his uncle advises him not to act on those feelings as the boss would have to be dead before they could be together. After coming back Furio distances himself from Carmela, giving gifts to her children but nothing to her.

One day, Furio begins crying because of his feelings for Carmela. When Tony catches him Furio tries to cover up by saying he is sad for his father to which Tony uncaringly replies that Furio has to get over his father's death. Later on, at a party, Furio is disgusted as he sees Tony drunkenly flirt with women. Before they board a helicopter to take them home, Furio grabs him by the collar and pushes him toward the helicopter blades before he lets him go. Furio's change of heart was likely prompted by his commitment to old school mafia values. Furio disappeared back to Italy but Carmela would spitefully admit she was in love with him during an argument with Tony. Tony later claimed he had people in Italy looking for Furio but given how this could ruin his relations in Italy, Tony was likely just saying this to be cruel to Carmela.

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