The Fushigi World Fuuma (translated as Uncanny World Fuuma) are a cult based from the Fushigi Palace and the main antagonist faction of Space Sheriff Shaider.


The Fuuma reside in the Fushigi Dimension where the Fushigi Palace is located and worship their ruler Great Emperor Kubilai as a god, seeking to carry out his will to conquer the universe. Fuuma is much larger than the two previous criminal organizations (Makuu and Madou) and is revealed to be even larger than the Galaxy Federation Police of Earth. Its force is formidable and immense enough to launch wars of conquest on all planets in universe simultaneously. Although having no qualms invading and subjugating planets directly, Fuuma also uses indirect invasions such as instigation, sowing discords, espionage and sabotages people of their targeted planets as means of conquests.

Fuuma has unusual attachment towards planet Earth, the planet Fuuma regards as an 'opal of the universe'. Because of this, Fuuma schemes to conquer Earth as undamaged as possible. To that end, Fuuma employs a long term strategy of corrupting and dominating Earthlings' minds from within: all means of Earth's soft powers such as entertainment, three basic needs, educations are subject to Fuuma's exploitation. If adults prove difficult to corrupt, then Fuuma try their influence on children, attempting to ensure Earth society would fall by subsequent generations. Eventually it is revealed that Earth had a colony belonged to Fuuma named Mu Empire - hence Earth being considered a special planet.

Unlike Makuu and Madou that were plagued by internal squabbles between commanders, Fumma leaderships' solidarity is high. Members are loyal to Kubilai's cause and willing to forsake their lives for it.


Long ago, Great Emperor Kubilai ruled the ancient Mu Empire with an iron fist, corrupting humans into serving him, until he was slain by the warrior Shaider along with his son Rahu and daughter-in-law. Decapitated by Shaider, Kubilai embedded his head into the wall of the Fushigi Palace and formed the Fuuma as a cult centered around him to assist him in recreating the Mu Empire and subjugating the universe.

The Fuuma began a conquest of many planets, destroying planets Gao, Omega, Mind, Gor, Marine, and Mount before arriving at Earth where they sought to reestablish the Mu Empire. However, they faced resistance from Shaider's descendant Dai Sawamura, who became Space Sheriff Shaider of the Galactic Union Police to fight against the Fuuma's advancement.




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