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The "Great Fusilli", or better known as Fusilli, is an anthropomorphic alligator who serves as an antagonist in Courage the Cowardly Dog. Fusilli made his first and only appearance as the main antagonist in his eponymous season one episode "The Great Fusilli". He has a thick Italian accent (parodying other stereotypical magicians) and owns a traveling theater which he uses to search for potential "stars" to induct into his troupe, luring them in with the prospects of fame and fortune. Once his victims are snagged, Fusilli literally turns them into puppets that he can control via enchanted puppet strings, forcing them to perform on the stage for his own amusement.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings, who also played Basil and Jean Bon.


Fusilli's escapades bring him to Nowhere, where he enacts the process on Muriel, Eustace, and Courage. Although even Courage seems to get comfortable with the role, he later discovers a room filled with the dozens of people Fusilli has turned into puppets (of which includes animals and seemingly normal people). Although he tries to warn Muriel and Eustace, Fusilli manages to turn them into puppets, before trying to kill Courage directly. When an angered Courage (covered in white flour, making him appear like a ghost) confronts Fusilli, he mistakes Courage for a phantom and leaps off the stage in fright. His own puppet strings activate and ironically convert Fusilli into a puppet himself.



  • Fusilli's role was rather small on the show, appearing only once before his defeat; however, his episode became memorable as one of the more disturbing episodes of the show's run, Fusilli himself one of the more evil villains on the show due to his modus operandi and high bodycount. Although the negative continuity of the show undoes his effects, Fusilli was notable as he was the only villain who managed to successfully kill Muriel and Eustace (in a broad sense of the term, as the "puppets" could be argued as alive, albeit under Fusilli's total control).


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