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The Future Blue Beetle is a villainous agent from the Young Justice series.

He was voiced by Eric Lopez.


In 2051, Barry Allen's grandson Bart Allen and Nathaniel Tryon worked on a way to change the domination of Blue Beetle who became evil. Bart believed that it was the cause of the Flash dying, so Bart traveled back in time to save his grandfather. Tryon gave Bart a special device that would strip Neutron of his powers and warned him that the time machine would malfunction after using it once. Bart then went back in time and started to take a special interest in Blue Beetle's younger-self.

Jaime, after being informed by Bart about what he becomes in the future, meets up with Black Canary, Captain Atom, and Night Wing to report about the Reach apocalypse and ask they find a way to remove the Scarab from his body.

In a running gag, Jaime can often be seen rejecting the Blue Beetle Scarab's (also voiced by Lopez) more violent and bloodthirsty suggestions ("No, it would not have been easier to just vaporize him back in the diner!"), which confuses those around him as it looks like he's talking to himself.

Jaime continued being involved in the experiments made to remove the Scarab from him. Unfortunately his Scarab and body were put under full control by a White Martian agent known as the Green Beetle. Jaime was trapped in his mind making Jaime turn against the rest of the team against his will. Zatanna freed Blue Beetle and his Scarab and Jaime manages to defeat Black Beetle.

Young Justice was renewed for season 3, as it will explain if the future was altered and it will be assumed that Jaime never turned to the dark side.


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