Future Frieza

Future Frieza

Future Frieza is the counterpart of Frieza from Trunks' timeline. Future Freeza was killed by Son Goku when he and his father came to Earth, but they were later revived.


Most of Frieza's life was the same as his counterparts, up until he arrived on Earth as Mecha Frieza, after arriving on Earth he was met by Goku, who had arrived via Shukan Ido. Mecha Freeza fought Goku, but was eventually defeated and killed.

Shin Budokai - Another Road

Future Freeza is resurrected by Future Babidi and given a large power increase to be on par with a Super Saiyan 2. Due to being revived, he becomes loyal to Babidi and, along with Future Cell and Future Dabura, becomes one of his main minions. During the final battle, he fights the heroes along with his allies, but is eventually defeated.

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