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Gûlavhar (sometimes spelled as Gulavhar), also known as "The Terror of Arnor", is a demonic and vampiric monster who served Morgoth during the First Age.


It is unknown what Gulavhar once was prior to becoming a blood-drinking monster, but presumably he was once a Maiar or something similar that was corrupted by Morgoth.

It is not know how Gulavhar survived the conflicts between Morgoth and the free people during the First Age, but survive he did, fleeing into the shadows where he avoided the forces of good and hid himself from their presence. He went north and set himself up in the area of Fornost, sleeping for centuries before eventually awakening. Over the years he would continually prey on any he came across at night, sucking on the blood of his victims. He thusly became a plague on the kingdom of Arnor, and as the Witch-King's forces from Angmar were at the time waging war with Arnor, Gulavhar became an ally of their cause.

Though outwardly a brutish monster, Gulavhar was also said to be possessed of dangerous cunning and a deceptively sinister intelligence.


  • He was made for the Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game and did not appear in either the book or movie versions of the Lord of the Rings mythos. He is exclusive to the tabletop game. 
  • Alongside Thuringwethil from The Silmarillion, he is one of the only Vampiric entities in Tolkein's mythos, and the only named one who is male.

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