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The G-Men are a team of superheroes and a minor antagonistic faction in the adult comic-book series The Boys.


All G-Men members was abducted as a child by John Godolkin who gave them Compound V.

All team members appears when G-Wiz introduces Hughie (who is undercover) to the team.

The entire team shows Hughie around their base. Hughie goes to the restroom where he planted a bug behind the mirror, but is scared off by the member Nubia, who says over and over again "Kill me".

After finding out Hughie was a spy, Godolkin orders G-Men to kill the members of The Boys. However, they are killed along with the their boss by Vought-American under orders by James Stillwell, since Godolkin was endangering their business.





  • King Helmet
  • The Reptilian
  • Born Free


  • Airbust
  • Buzz Cut
  • Dime-Bag
  • Discharge
  • Jetlag
  • Pinwheel
  • The Dude with No Name
  • Hughie Campbell (spy)


  • The G-Men are a parody of Marvel's X-Men, while the G-Force are a parody of the X-Force.


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