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G.O.D. Warfare Agents are the combatants of the Government of Darkness and antagonists in Kamen Rider X.

They are GOD's main fighting force, serving as its assassins and grunts. There also exist an elite group of soldiers that serve in the GOD Security Division who despite resembling normal Agents are specially trained in athleticism and combat. Another elite group is GOD's GP sect, who guard their secret HQs all over the world and wear black helmets and green armbands to designate their status.

They wield a variety of weapons, including knives, spears, swords, pistols, submachine guns and machine guns, including Uzis, M1911A1s and MP40s.


Several Warfare Agents were sent to attack Keisuke Jin when he was visiting his father, but Keisuke managed to fight them all off.

They would go on to assist G.O.D.'s Kaijins in the schemes, battling X-Rider all throughout the series.

Other appearances

All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2

G.O.D. Warfare Agents AKRG.png

G.O.D. Warfare Agents appear as regular enemies.

Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis

G.O.D. Warfare Agents appear as enemies.


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