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Subject 5 is growing more and more restless. I told Spook we need more funds for sedatives, but she just laughed and flew into the ceiling. Without more chemicals to keep these things docile, I'm not sure how much longer we can keep them here safely.
~ A note from a scientist about Specimen 3.

GL Labs is a major antagonistic faction in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. They are a mysterious lab and are owned and funded by Spooky. Their job is to contain, classify, and to test on specimens and use CAT-DOS to record data.


It is unknown what year GL Labs was founded the only things known is that the scientists at GL Labs contain, classify, and test on specimens and use CAT-DOS to record data, Spooky is the one that owns and funds GL Labs to continue the organization's work, GL Labs found and contained Specimen 5 after being found inside a church at a small town, they found Specimen 6 floating where a town has once been, Specimen 8 appeared in a test chamber one day after a few years which was thought to be filled with violent deer, they found Specimen 11 inside a secret area below a large abandoned corporate office once owned by a restaurant franchise, however, a few specimens broke free from their containment and killed the scientists such as Specimen 3, and Specimen 10, after that the current state of GL Labs and it's scientists is unknown, the organization's goal is to create the largest ghost army in the world and to kill people in a tragic manner in order to make the army, Specimen 9 was too hard for GL Labs to contain so GL Labs killed and dismantled it, however, Specimen 9 somehow survived from the experiments conducted at Unit 731. Specimen 9 was found hiding in a condemned farmhouse in Russia, it attracted Specimen 8 due to the dead or dead bodies, in one of the game's endings, Spooky finally has enough members of the army to invade humanity.

List of Members

There are multiple specimens and monsters apart of GL Labs that were contained by scientists but broke out and killed multiple scientists in the process and are apart of Spooky's army.

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