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But only if he's hot!
~ Gaap

Gaap is a villainess from Umineko no Naku Koro ni who is a demon with the power of gaps, holes that can reach almost anywhere. She is very fashionable and up-to-date on the latest trends, and is also a friend of Beatrice. She holds her position as one of the 72 Great Demons, and the 33rd highest-ranking earl of Hell.

She has a habit of giving other people nicknames, such as "Riiche" for Beatrice and "Lia" for Virgilia.

She was voiced by Yuki Kaida.


Magical Abilities

In response to a magician's demands, she gives the power of instant movement. She always uses this wonderful power for pranks. Hiding keys and bags during busy mornings is her specialty. However, this power becomes a final weapon which can easily strike the finishing blow in closed room mysteries. Her queen bee-like attack would probably pierce all famous detectives, making them surrender.


  • As stated in The Lesser Key of Solomon, Gaap is a mighty prince and Great President of Hell who is the prince and king of southern region of Earth and Hell. He controls water, as the ruler of the water demons. Yet another one of his powers is "carrying and re-carrying men from different locations," which is the ability used in this series.
  • According to Answer to the Golden Witch, Gaap is a personification of the idea that "things often vanish," who then became a Witch.


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