Gaaragaara is a Kali-themed Majin of the Space Pirates Balban under Spectral Empress Iliess. He is the main antagonist in episode 31 of 1998 TV series called Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

He is voiced by Yoku Shioya who later voiced Ikargen from 2017 TV series called Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. As for the human form he is portrayed by Yoshimasa Chida who previously voiced Kabutogin, Grifforzar, Nurarihyon, Daradara, Bara Mammoth, YY Bingo, ZokuYellow, a Chameleon Nezire, an Elephant Nezire, a Thorn-Needle Nezilar, a Scorpion Nezire and later voiced Vacuuma.


Gaaragaara made his first appearance in the city disguised as a fortune teller where he does his fortune reading on every civilians once he is done he puts a special palm magic to mark the humans that came to see their fortune. Once the customer leaves he revealed his monster form and gave the customer's hand prints to the Yartots backstage. However unknown to the pirate his next two customers are Hayate and Yuuta, so he'd immediately puts the disguise back on give the duo their fortune.

Back at his hideout (which is the cave) he used his magic transformed all 333 hand prints into a decoration and for every person who gave their hand prints to Gaaragaara they'll be part of the Daitanix curse which it'll be the victims turned to stone. As this goes on more people are transforming into stone first their hand and then their foot.

Once the team arrived to Gaaragaara's hideout he sends out his Yartots to hold the Gingaman at bay until his spell is complete. However the pirate footsoldier all dead with just one shot from knight so Gaaragaara battles the team himself and keeps them at bay until every single person has completely becomes a statue. Speaking of which the curse on the victim as even set on the leg. However once the male Gingamen holds Gaaragaara in place as GingaPink and Hyuuga open fired on the pirate and once his ritual staff is broken everyone that he'd puts a curse on are now freed from it.

A while later GingaGreen manage to join the others as they battle Gaaragaara. After that Gaaragaara was then defeated by this finisher called Galactic Flash. However Gaaragaara isn't going to give up that easily as he drunk some of the Barba Extract to enlarge himself prompting the team to bring out Super Armor Shine Gingaioh along with GingaPhoenix and GingaRhinos. After that Gaaragaara is then destroyed by this finisher called Great Ginga Cross Slash.

He is one of the five majin revived by Illiess to protect her tower from the Gingaman. He holds off Hyuuga, only to disappear when Ryouma destroys the tower. He is killed once again by the Megarangers in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.


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