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You're crazy. Don't you know my dad? You can't do this!
~ Gabriel Lozano when he was being apprehended by Locus and Felix
Gabriel Lozano is the secondary antagonist of Locus and Felix's story arc in Red vs. Blue: Season 14. He is the son of Ruben Lozano.



At some point in the past, Ruben Lozano entrusted his son to run Amnesia, one of his many nightclubs. During this time, Gabriel committed numerous crimes, including (but not limited to) murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, and rape, as well as frivolously spending his father's money. He was never formally charged for his crimes due to his father's connections.

Ruben also had a GPS chip placed in Gabriel's neck, presumably for his safety, but more likely to keep tabs on him.


One night, after bringing a girl up to his main office at the nightclub, Locus and Felix take down several of his security officers on a mission to capture Gabriel. Gabriel desperately tries to defend himself but is subdued, mocking the two bounty hunters before Felix knocks him out with a baseball bat.

Gabriel's records were erased soon after his capture, presumably through his father. Felix then decided to turn it into a hostage situation by demanding ransom for his safe release. However, Ruben blatantly disregarded their threats, calling his son "the worst thing he ever brought into this world". After several failed attempts to reason with him, Ruben hangs up. Gabriel tearfully admits he was tracked through the GPS chip in his neck, shocked that his father would say that about him. Seeing no further use for Gabriel, Locus kills him.

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