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See, your friend owes me money, Mr. Drake. A lot of money. So when he told me that you two were onto something big - the "find of a lifetime," he said. Well, I was intrigued.
~ Roman revealing his intention on finding the treasure that Drake and Sully were seeking.

Gabriel Roman is the central antagonist of the 2007 video game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. He is a British crime lord currently searching for the fabled El Dorado, which pits him against Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan.

He is portrayed by Simon Templeman.


Early Life

Sometime before the events of the game, Roman saved Atoq Navarro from a life of poverty and, recognizing his intelligence, made Navarro his lieutenant. Roman also loaned Victor Sullivan a large sum of money, with a deadline to pay it back or otherwise come to an agreement with Roman.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

A Surprising Find

Roman and Navarro followed Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, and Victor Sullivan around parts of the island believed to hold the fabled treasure of El Dorado. The two first appeared outside an old German U-Boat caught in the Amazon River. Nate, after accidentally setting off a torpedo inside the boat, swam back out to meet Sully, only to be greeted by Roman and Navarro, who held the two at gunpoint.

Roman revealed that Sully owed him money and that he had mentioned something about the "find of a lifetime". This intrigued Roman, and so he had hired Navarro to aid him in finding the treasure. Nate relinquished the kriegsmarine map he had found in the boat, and Roman prepared to shoot him in case they "need a reminder." Sully intervened, and Roman shot him instead. The U-Boat then exploded from the torpedo Nate had set off, knocking Navarro and Roman to the ground. Nate escaped with his adversaries in hot pursuit.

The Island

It is later revealed that Eddy Raja also worked for Roman, but his men were being killed by an unknown entity. Roman believed that Eddy was crazy and dismissed him and his men.

Sully had survived the shot by Roman — the bullet caught by Sir Francis Drake's journal that Nate had given him earlier — and was now pretending to help Roman and Navarro locate the treasure. Roman soon discovered that Nate and Elena rescued Sully and searched for them.

Mutated creatures, Germans and Spaniards changed by El Dorado's curse years ago, killed Eddy as well as his men. Roman and Navarro captured Elena and kept her as a hostage to prevent Sully and Nate from "trying anything creative." The two eventually found Navarro and Roman in a chamber below the island's Monastery with the treasure — the gold statue of El Dorado. As Nate and Sully drew their guns, Roman's men took aim at them instead.

Betrayal and Death

Roman was impressed by the statue's craftsmanship and Navarro goaded him to open it, as the "real treasure" was inside. Roman took his advice and opened the statue. The statue was actually a coffin, preserving the mummy of El Dorado. As Roman accidentally inhales dust exuded from the mummy, his eyes turned black and he mutated. Though he attempted to attack Navarro, Navarro killed him with a shot to the head.

Navarro had planned to betray Roman all along and sell El Dorado's mutagen as a weapon. Everyone left the island once the Descendants began to attack and Navarro attempted to escape with the statue. Roman's corpse, eyes still blackened from the curse, was left in the chamber.



  • Despite him acting as the main villain of the game right until his death in the penultimate chapter he still only is the central antagonist as Navarro is revealed to have much bigger plans then he ever had.


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