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The Multiverse, every universe in it, is irrational, sloppy. I try to make it rational. I try to make it neat. You call it murder. How can I murder myself 123 times? I just took those wasted energies and transferred them to one container: me. What if that is our fate? To unite with ourselves, to be unified forever. To be one. I will be The One.
~ Yulaw rationalizing his atrocities.
The shortest distance between two points will always be a straight line.
~ Imprisoned Yulaw to Rodecker.
I am Yulaw! I am nobody's bitch! You are mine! I don't need to know you. You only need to know me. I will be the One!
~ Gabriel Yulaw, the last line of the movie

Gabriel Yulaw is the main antagonist of the sci-fi movie The One. He is a megalomaniac and an immensely powerful fighter of almost godlike powers who has obtained his status via traveling across parallel-universes killing other versions of himself: his ultimate goal is to kill every single alternate version of himself so that he can become a god (or even God - the exact limits of his power is never revealed).

Yulaw is portrayed by Jet Li, who also portrays Gabe Law, Yulaw's benevolent alter-ego. Li additionally portrays Wah Sing Ku in Lethal Weapon 4 and Emperor Han in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.


Gabriel Yulaw dispatching officers with ease.

Yulaw was originally a member of the Multiverse Authority (MVA for short), an organization that polices inter-dimensional travel via detecting wormholes. During one of his missions while an officer of the MVA, Yulaw killed an alternate version of himself in self-defense. Yulaw gained his counterpart's essence, increasing his strength, speed and mental capacity. Yulaw came to the conclusion that killing his alternate versions and absorbing their life's energies would allow him to become a godlike being, referred to as "The One". Yulaw since then has crossed the point of no return, becoming a ruthless and psychopathic serial killer, setting out through parallel universes, hunting down his alternate selves and killing them to obtain godhood.

Two years later, Yulaw was finally caught after killing his latest target, Lawless of Anubis Universe; by then, he has succeeded in killing 123 of his alternate selves, with only one left besides himself. MVA cannot kill him or allow his other alternate self to be killed because whoever survives the last will become "The One", which could potentially have catastrophic consequence for the balance of the multiverse. While imprisoned, Yulaw reunited with his former associate, MVA Agent Harry Rodecker. Yulaw was sentenced to the banishment to penal colony called Hades Universe, but before he could be teleported, his assistant aided his escape. Yulaw killed several guards before teleporting himself towards his final destination: Charis Universe where his final surviving counterpart, Gabe Law resides.

Upon arriving in Charis, Yulaw immediately attempted to kill Gabe Law, who was working as as a deputy sheriff in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He injures and kills multiple police officers in the process. Gabe, who had also endured and experienced increases in his power within the last two years (this is due to the fact that with every alternate reality self gets killed, the essences of the deceased go to the survivors from other realities to empower them, equally dividing and sharing essences) much to his confusion, pursued Yulaw, only to be shot by his evil alter-ego from another dimension. Before Yulaw could finish Gabe off, he was forced to retreat by the arrival of MVA agents Rodecker and Evan Funsch. Gabe was sent to the hospital, but Yulaw pursues Gabe to the hospital to complete his quest. In the chaos that ensued, Yulaw gunned down a police officer, framing Gabe for the murder. Yulaw fled in a stolen van, but was confronted by Rodecker, who willingly separated from his partner/apprentice agent to have him find Gabe and make him aware of what is going on. Yulaw quickly overpowered his former ally, brutally beating him to death before seriously injuring three police officers who had arrived to stop him. Dressed alike and looking identical in every way (the only distinction between them is their different martial art styles, but no ordinary people would know that), Gabe and Yulaw's battles further confuse Gabe's police colleagues. Yulaw then arrived at Gabe's house hiding, where T.K., Gabe's American spouse resides. At first, she believes Yulaw is Gabe, attempts to protect him, but she eventually saw through Yulaw's manipulation; not that it did her any good whatsoever. Gabe arrives to his own home too late, only to have Yulaw force him to watch while he kills her. Funsch finds Gabe, and they team up to find Yulaw at the next wormhole.

Yulaw's final confrontation with Gabe took place in an industrial plant, where the two engaged in a final face off but not before Yulaw inflicts grievous bodily harms to Funsch. Yulaw at first had an overwhelming advantage, wiping the floor with Gabe who tried same martial art style that Yulaw uses which was (Gabe was not thinking straight as he was blinded with rage by the loss of T.K. and killing Yulaw was all he could think of - even if that meant his own destruction) ill-suited to Gabe's nature. Yulaw emerged victorious and killed his last counterpart - or so it seemed; however, as Yulaw gloated over his apparent triumph, he felt nothing; a sign that Gabe was still alive. Gabe got to his feet, switching to different martial art form more suitable to his character and continued the battle. In a destructive duel that ensued, Gabe eventually overwhelmed Yulaw. But the two, along with Funsch, were teleported back to MVA headquarters, all battered and groggy. In desperation, but thinking both Gabe and Yulaw have complete same appearances, Yulaw pretend to be Gabe to escape from being imprisoned again, leading the MVA officers to detain Gabe instead. However, Funsch, having been a perceptive man, remember the differences between Gabe and Yulaw is the appearance of a ring mark on their finger, whereas Yulaw doesn't have one. Now being caught and nowhere to escape anymore, Yulaw was immediately switched place with Gabe in mid-countdown and transported to the Hades universe. As for Gabe after a brief debate within MVA hierarchy, he was transported to an unknown alternate universe (The MVA originally attempted to send Gabe back to his own universe but Agent Funsch argued against it, stating that Gabe would be framed, arrested and put in prison for life for all the felonies Yulaw committed) where he can restart a normal life in Los Angeles, beginning with when he first met T.K., despite the woman isn't the T.K. from his former universe.

Yulaw was last seen in the Stygian penal colony, where he faces off against hundreds of criminals and convicts, declaring that he still intends to become 'The One'. His fate is unknown at the end of the movie; he will have either eliminated all the other criminals within the penal colony, or may have been eventually outnumbered despite his efforts in fighting them off.


Gabriel Yulaw is a cold, calculated, ruthless, dangerous megalomaniac with no qualms over killing his 123 versions of himself and shows no regard for the consequences when he finishes killing off all of his counterparts, or even other victims including Gabe Law's wife, T.K. Law, who kills her in cold blood after his true identity was exposed. He is also very cunning when tracking down his counterpart, Gabe Law, and is also shown to be highly intelligent, and is very difficult to be outsmarted, even when T.K. reveals that Gabriel is not actually Gabe.

However, he is also shown to be cocky, when he underestimates Gabe's own fighting abilities, which led to his defeat and being imprisoned into the Stygian penal colony. And yet despite this, he was shown to be egotistical when he began to fight off hundreds of other prisoners who approach him, which shows an obvious indication that he doesn't back down from a fight and refuses to surrender, no matter the cost and even if the odds are against him.

Gabriel is also shown to have a love for heavy metal music, as evidenced by his frequent listening of death/black metal.

Powers and Abilities

Gabriel fending off against other prisoners within the Stygian penal colony.

Gabriel possesses godlike powers in both fighting and use of a pistol with immense precision, shown to be capable of hitting his targets when firing through the ventilation shaft, and was also able to shoot at officers without even looking. And from killing his counterparts made him near-unstoppable, being able to carry both motorcycles, even using one as a melee weapon against police bikers, and pancake an officer with extreme ease. And he is shown to be able to dodge bullets without even getting hit, and was shown deflecting an oncoming bullet with a mere pistol.

Additionally, he can run exceptionally fast, being able to pursue his targets without tiring out. Furthermore, he also as an exceptionally high amounts of endurance, having shown to fight off hundreds of Stygian prisoners without backing down.

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