Gaburio is one of the Players from Team Azald. He uses his huge jaws to eat anything he sees, even buildings (which his blood game is eating buildings). Also he's the main antagonist for episode 5 & 6 of 2016 TV series called Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

He is voiced by Wataru Takagi who previously voiced Bin Banki, Hidou of the Swift Runner, Nanonanoda, a Copyloid, Debo Kantokku, a Vacuum Shadow and later voiced Garatt Nargo.


He was sent down with an army of Triangulars. However the army was attacked by Zyuoh King and destroyed. Gaburio was left stuck head first in the dirt. The Zyuohgers essentially forgot about him, meeting Larry.

He returns to eat the city after Azald (which he was seen eating a building) saves him from the dirt. Eventually he comes to rematch the Zyuohgers, but instead he gobbles the building and left the scene.

Later that day Gaburio appeared at another location ready to chow down more buildings which he's about to do to that building, but he was then shot down by the Zyuohgers and he landed right on his nose. So he sends out a couple of Moebas to battle the team.

A while later during the battle he'd manage to chow down the teams sword leaving them weaponless as he and the Moebas open fired on them. After that he was about to chow down on Zyuman's but he was then knocked back by another shot that's been fired by the arrival of Yamato. So he sent the Moebas to attack the team, but they were knocked into the air by Zyuoh Gorilla. After that he was then defeated with giant gorilla smash.

However thanks to Naria she then inserted a continue medal right on Gaburio's nose to enlarged him as he battled Cube Gorilla then ZyuohWild. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Wild Rocket Knuckle.

In episode 30 Bangray manage to steal the memory from Tusk as he revived Gaburio, Hanayaida and an enlarged armored Illusion. After that both it and Hanayaida were then destroyed by this finisher called Zyuoh Final.


  • Gaburio's design has some similarities to these three sentai monsters: Dora Circe from 1992 TV series called Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, UU Wurin from 1996 TV series called Gekisou Sentai Carranger and Nosakamata from 2009 TV series called Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.



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