Gadaruian is an avianoid alien scientist working for the Warp Monarch. He is the antagonist of episode 35 of Chouseishin Gransazer.


Gadaruian was sent to Earth by the Warp Monarch to convert humanity into mindless slaves for them to use as weapons. Eyeing Ran and her friends, Gadaruian began kidnapping them and converting them into his mindless servants.

However, the Gransazers soon became aware of his plot and were able to track down his base of operations. Gadaruian attempted to flee while his Gig Fighters held off the Gransazers. However, Sazer Visuel pursued and fought him, soon being joined by Tarious. Tarious and Visuel quickly take down Gadaruian, with Tarious finishing him with a Burning Falcon.

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