The Gader'el is the main antagonist of Final Soldier, an installment in the Star Soldier series. The military armada which it commands also bears its name.


Gader'el is the leader of the namesake military of alien invaders from the 25th century that has attacked Earth in the 23rd century by traveling from a space time warp over the Atlantic Ocean 2000 miles away from the main land. Gader'el's aliens consist of large, bio-mechanic creatures that have the ability to manipulate space and time.

Gader'el's legion has already conquered Earth in the 25th century and are now planning to conquer Earth in the 23rd century in order to ensure its influence on mankind, then going back further into Earth's past. While every country on Earth is fighting back against the Gader'el, they cannot withstand against alien weaponry that is 200 years more advanced. With 20th century on the verge of defeat, Earth's scientists collaborate to create a weapon that is capable of destroying the Gader'el, its savage armada and save Earth past, present and future.

The result is that the spaceship Dryad is created, and it is capable of wielding all kinds of futuristic weapons. Its mission is to travel to the Future Zone to reach the Gader'el's headquarters and destroy it along with its army. An interesting fact is that the Gader'el and Dryad are all references to Greek mythology. After destroying much of Gader'el's armada, Dryad reaches stage 7 called Forbidden Zone that takes the fighter directly to the final showdown with the leader Gader'el, who fights Dryad with extremely heavy armor and various arsenals. After destroying the metal shell, Gader'el reveals its alien self. Gader'el attacks with a deadly claw that pops out of its orifice. When that form is defeated, Gader'el is reduced to just the eye protected by organic shield membranes. After a vicious duel Dryad finally manages to destroy Gader'el by blasting off its eye, ending Gader'el along with its genocidal armada and putting an end to their menace forever.

Dryad returns to Earth on its own timeline and receives a hero's great welcome.



  • A dryad is the name of a tree nymph while the Gader'el is known as Watchers, angels dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans.
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