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I don't care how many wolves you've killed, I'm going to rip your head off!
~ Gades upon being introduced to Kenshiro.

Gades (in Japanese: ガデス, Gadesu) is a major antagonist in the Fist of the North Star film New Saviour Legend: Legend of Kenshiro.

He was voiced by Tetsu Inada.


Gades is introduced by his slave owner, Jinia as the "Bear Killer". Gades insults that Kenshiro is a "wolf killer" and takes a sword. He hoped to kill Kenshiro so he wouldn't feel a thing, and knocks the Hokuto Shinken user into a wall. The handcuffed Kenshiro calls Gades a "bear cub killer".

Feeling insulted, Gades charges at Kenshiro, but the latter used his handcuffs to stall the larger slave and hits a power point on Gades with his finger. Gades then takes a spear, but Kenshiro sends the sword right at the large opponent before the latter knocks him out with a kick to the head.

Later, Gades sides with Jugai's army and prepares to kill Danne's militia when Kenshiro arrives. The larger slave then attempts another charge at Kenshiro, but the Hokuto Shinken master hit him with his finger, bursting Gades's upper body apart.

Powers and Abilities

As a large brute, Gades can use a number of weapons at his disposal.


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