Gadis in Ys: Memories of Celceta

Hmpf. Well, now you've done it. Ya made me mad enough that I'm seein' red. People like you make me sick. So now... I'm gonna smash your damned heads in!
~ Gadis

Gadis is a villain from all versions of Ys IV and Ys: Memories of Celceta.


Gadis is one of the two associates of Gruda, along with Bami. A beast tamer, Gadis attempted to forcefully tame the Spardas who lived in the Sacred Beast's Nest, which caused the stressed beasts to poison the river running through Selray. Adol is mistakenly blamed for it, but Selray's chief Ozma decide to accompany Adol and investigate the real cause. The heroes confront Gadis, who criticizes Ozma for the way he tamed the Spardas, claiming it was not really different from the way he himself did it. He disappears shortly after.

Gadis shows up again when the heroes go into the ruins of Lake Tolmes after one of the pieces of the Mask of the Moon. After they discover the true purpose of the Spardas, Gadis once again appears and taunts Ozma, claiming that wouldn't change anything and that humans can only coexist with beasts if they take control. After Ozma tells him he is in a position to change his people's laws, Gadis gets enraged and draws out his own mask, using it to transform into a giant monster and confront the heroes, but he ultimately ends defeated.


  • In the original versions of Ys IV, Gadis played a more regular enforcer role. In Dawn of Ys, he acted as a constant threat, continuosly following and confronting Adol during his journey.
    • In these versions he used a large axe as a weapon, which was replaced with the giant gauntlet he uses in the remake.


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