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The Gaeru Magia is a HumaGear that was hacked and turned into a Magia and is the one of two antagonist (the other was an Onycho Magia)  in 6 episode  of 2019 TV series Kamen Rider Zero-One. She was originally a HumaGear named Seine Kanasawa before the MetsubouJinrai.NET operative named Jin hacked her by placing a ZetsumeRiser on her transforming her into a frog-themed monster.


Before becoming a Magia she was a Japanese voice actress that can mimic just about any one and creatures, but before she'd gets to have a chance to perform on stage she was interrupted by the arrival of Jin and she was hacked by him and she used the Zetsumerise Key to transform herself into a frog-themed Magia and fortunately she has some assistant from Jin who transformed himself into Kamen Rider Jin by using the stolen progrise key called Flying Falcon. While he's doing some damage to Zero-One, she was facing off against Kamen Rider Valkyrie who'd was gaining the advantage by bombarding her with the frog bombs.

However she was no match when Valkyrie used the Lightning Hornet progrise key to deal some stinging damage on the corrupted robot, and before you know it Gaeru Magia was stung/shocked to death by Kamen Rider Valkyrie using the Lightning Blast Fever.


  • The Gaeru Magia is the first frog-themed monster since the Frog Fangire from Kamen Rider Kiva.


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