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Villian Overview

There is no such luster warfare. Significance of battles or dreams, these are nothing but honeyed words to lure those ignorant people who don't know any better. War is simply a slaughterhouse for the strong to butcher the weak however they please, nothing more, nothing less.
~ Gai Mou explaining his perspective on warfare to Shin.

Gai Mou , also known as the Raging Bull or Fire Dragon, is a major antagonist in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. He is a leading military figure as a Great General for the state of Wei and member of the Wei Fire Dragon that rivalled the likes of the Six Great Generals of Qin and the Three Great Heavens of Zhao. He is also the last surviving member of the previous generation of the Fire Dragons after Earl Shi and Rei Ou's deaths. He was one of the main antagonists during the Wei Fire Dragon Arc where he made his first appearance within the series.


An easy going and laid-back man, Gai Mou finds fighting on the battlefield and slaughtering his opponents to be absolutely intoxicating as he enjoys warfare itself. He is very boastful and confident in his strength as he tends to exaggerate to the point of annoying both his allies and enemies. Gai Mou is also appears to be somewhat simple-minded as he misinterpreted his right-hand man Jun Sou's explanation about the Hi Shin Unit's leader Shin and even called out to Shin in hopes of having a one-on-one duel. However, beneath his silly attitude, philosophically Gai Mou views the dreams and sentiments that others have towards warfare as nothing more but delusions. Concluding that war itself just a practice where the strong can slaughter the weak and do whatever they want with them.  


Early Life

While the early days of his youth and military career are unknown Gai Mou rose through the ranks of the Wei Military as he eventually became a Great General and a member of Fire Dragons of Wei.

Gai Mou and Ou Ki.png

As a Fire Dragon, Gai Mou had numerous conflicts with the armies of Qin's Six Great Generals and Zhao's Three Great Heavens notably with the Ou Ki Army and Ren Pa Army. However, he never had a one-on-one duel with either leaders as they found him unworthy of their time due to his immature nature and lack of a dream or real motivation.

Despite these claims, Gai Mou would continue being a force of nature on the battlefield as he killed over thousands of enemy soldiers and took the heads of over 100 enemy generals during his career as a Fire Dragon. Though this would not last very long. After the death of his fiancée, Shi Kika at the hands of Tai Ro Ji, Earl Shi convince Rei Ou to joined forces with him in order to kill Tai Ro Ji who convince Shou Sen and Ba Tou, the other Fire Dragons, except for Go Kei as he remained a neutral party, to side with him. Possibly seeing this as opportunity to enjoy warfare on even grander scale, Gai Mou joined the Earl's side in his feud. Inciting a major civil war in the state of Wei, the Earl would ultimately slaughter and kill the three other Fire Dragons himself.

With the strength of the Wei military in utter shambles and effectively reduce in half, the sixth king An Ri wanted nothing more but to execute Gai Mou and the other two Great Generals but was stopped at behest of Go Kei as swayed the king's anger. Instead, they were sent to an underground prison where they spent the next fourteen years in almost total darkness.

Return to the Battlefield and Meeting Ri Shin


Powers and Abilities

Even to the likes of Ren Pa, engaging in a duel with Gai Mou-sama would have been like signing his own death warrant.
~ Jun Sou on Gai Mou's combat abilities.

Gai Mou's Strength.png

  • Fighting Abilities: With a strength stat of over ninety-seven, Gai Mou is one of the strongest characters in the series.
  • Podao Mastery: Wielding a treasured podao ordained with the design of a dragon, Gai Mou is an extremely powerful and monstrous wielder as he is capable of destroying entire scores of opponents with every swing. He is also a deadly duelist as he easily overwhelmed and nearly killed So Sui, an experienced wielder and kept an advantage over Ri Shin, despite his own prowess, as it took all his strength from getting killed by the Great General.
  • Combat Specialist
  • Superhuman Strength:



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