Who dare disturb the slumber of Gaia?!
~ Gaia awakens

Gaia is a primordial goddess from Greek mythology, making her Disney debut as an antagonist from Disney's Hercules, though she appears infrequently - she is most notable for placing a curse upon the bullying and arrogant prince Adonis, forcing Hercules to go on a quest to retrieve mystic apples by which to appease her wrath: as with Greek mythology one of her sons is also empowered by her and appears as a villain in another episode, just as in myth Hercules can only defeat him via lifting him off the earth (and thus denying him Gaia's protection).

Gaia is depicted as a colossal female made out of rock and flora, with only her head showing, befitting her status as a primordial goddess of the earth.

she is seen as a wrathful deity who does not share the usual benevolent nature of the Olympians (save for the warlike Ares) shown in the series, indeed she appears to spend much of her time asleep and takes a very dim view of being disturbed, with vicious reprisals (as Adonis learned the hard way).

As a deity, she is one of the few villains that Hercules can not hope to defeat with his otherwise immense strength and durability, instead the hero must find ways to appease her - this also shows that Gaia is an old and powerful goddess as even the son of Zeus is unable to directly oppose her (though in the series Hercules was still a teenager and thus not in possession of his full godly powers, which he would not obtain until he vanquished her children, the Titans, many years later in the climax of the film).


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