Gail Lundquist

Gail Lundquist is the main villainess from Elementary episode 5.14, "Rekt in Real Life."

She was played by Christine Taylor.


Gail Lundquist is the lawyer for an anti-seal hunting activist, but it was revealed later on that she was the mastermind of a murderous plot to gain a partnership at a firm. Gail's attempts to get port locations were thwarted by an "eJock" known as Tendu, an Inuit who took photos known as "sealfies" to combat against Gail's client.

Without the port locations, Gail's chances of making partner were destroyed, and at that moment, the evil Gail sent a hitman after Tendu. She had Tendu's agent, O.G. Pwnzr, killed as part of her plan to draw Tendu out in the open. Gail's hired killer was caught by Sherlock and Bell, and it was during the interrogation that he gave up Gail as the mastermind. Gail was later arrested for O.G.'s murder and the attempt on Tendu.