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Gail Van Ravensway is the main antagonist of the third movie A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song.

She is portrayed by Missi Pyle, who also played Ashley Sanderson in Bringing Down the House, Vera Murchins in Home Alone 4, and Nadia Vole in Strombreaker.


She's the stepmother of Katie and biogical mother of Beverly and Victor, she treat Katie as her servant since her father passed away, she want the best for her children specially Beverly who she know has no talent. So, she tried her best to help her, well she didn't want Katie to go to ball, but Katie go disguised to be sure to not being reconized by stepsister and stepmother, Katie tell Angela to distract Gail then she can go talk to Luke Morgan.

But when the clock strike midnight Katie think that she arrive at her home in time, but she was caught by Gail who arrived before and discover she desobey her, when Guy the father of Luke call her and make her listen to the song of Katie, she then lie to Luke father and gave the credit to her daughter Beverly, she force Katie to give her voice to her daughter and told her to obey if she want her friend Angela to Julliard.

She let aside her son Victor, the night of the contest Victor and Ravi then sabotaged the plan, when Guy finally see it was Katie who was the real singer, he fired her and she return to her old farm to sing but get legume fruit throw at her.


  • She's have similar character of Fiona Montgomery from A cinderella Story both of them are the stepmother of the hero, but the contraries is Fiona as Twin daughter like Dominique Blatt, but Gail have a daughter and a son, she is similar to Lady Tremaine from Cinderella and Dominique Blatt because all of them use the heroine as servant.
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