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Gaiya (in Japanese: ガイヤ, Gaiya) is a major antagonist in the Fist of the North Star spinoff/prequel Legends of the Dark King. He is also the older sister of Sakuya.

He was voiced by Masayuki Kato in the Japanese version of the anime, and Leraldo Anzaldua in the English dubbed version of the anime.


Gaiya is able to sneak up on two of Ken-Oh's soldiers, Dal and another whilst unseen. He then kills another man who is wearing the Ken-Oh symbol. Gaiya then sneaks up on Souga and punctures his lungs with the Shitotsu Ketsu, giving him two months to live.

After beating back Ryuga, Gaiya then reveals himself to Raoh who dodges one of his attack. He admits he put Meioh under his control, and in turn gained control of his army. Raoh points out that hiding in crowds will bring him closer to defeat.

The puppeteer counterstates that as long as Raoh goes about saying he's a king, it will only make more enemies. Confident he can rule the heavens, Gaiya attempts to attack Raoh with the Metten Hajo but the conqueror stops the attack with a toki barrier.

Raoh then tells his enemy that with his god-given fists, he will rule the world before beating Gaiya to death.

Powers and Abilities

Using Kokuzan Ongyō Ken, Gaiya can control people like puppets. He can also attack while invisible to the naked eye.


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