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For over 850 glagnars, the Galactic Federation has helped quintillions of other sentient life forms assimilate into our vision of one united universe. We stand scrung in scrung with thousands of planets; perhaps yours will be next!
~ Tammy Guetermann about the Federation

The Galactic Federation is the main antagonistic faction of the adult-animated TV series Rick and Morty.

It is an intergalactic government that controls a sizable area of the Universe, having 6,048 planets under their control. The Federation appears to primarily be ruled by Gromflomites.

Several people, including Rick Sanchez, Bird Person and Squanchy, are part of a rebel group that opposes the empire and thus, are considered enemies of the Federation.

While making several minor appearances throughout Rick And Morty, the Galactic Federation serve as the main antagonists of "Wedding Squanchers", "Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri" and "Rickternal Friendshine of the Rickless Mort", and major antagonists in "The Rickshank Redemption".


The Federation sent Tammy Guetermann as an undercover agent to catch Bird Person and Rick, as well as any other rebels against them.

The Federation later attended Bird Person's wedding to Tammy, where Tammy announced that she had been a Galactic Federation spy all along. Rick and his family managed to escape, but Rick later turned himself in in exchange for the Federation not targeting the rest of his family. Rick was then taken to one of the Federation's intergalactic prisons and locked up

However, the Federation sought to obtain the secrets of Rick's portal gun, so they sent one of their agents, Cornvelious Daniel, into Rick Sanchez's brain to obtain the formula for it. However, Rick tricked Cornvelious Daniel into downloading a virus that gave him total control of the mind-reading device. Rick then swapped bodies with Cornvelious and used the attack by SEAL Team Ricks as an opportunity to escape.

The Federation collapsed when Rick changed the value of their central currency, the Blemflarck, from one to zero; their President killed himself, prompting chaos to spread throughout the Federation.

Despite this, remnants of the Federation under the command of Tammy Guetermann managed to stay organized and in operation.



  • The Galactic Federation are the main antagonist group of the series due to their scope and influence, and also being the arch-enemies of Rick.
  • The Federation is quite similar to the Galactic Empire from Star Wars. Aside from serving as the paramount antagonists in their respective series, they managed to take over the galaxy until their eventual destruction. After their downfall, the remnants were taken over by someone else.
  • It is unknown why they wanted the inter-dimensional travel with portal gun.
  • They are the alien equivalent of Nazi Germany.



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