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Horde Prime cloned himself, building an army to conquer all he saw. Planets, worlds, galaxies fell before us.
~ Hordak explaining the Galactic Horde's origins.

The Galactic Horde is the main antagonistic faction of the 2018 Netflix original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, appearing in the fifth and final season. They are an oppressive intergalactic empire that rules over a vast majority of the universe in the name of their cruel emperor, Horde Prime.

The Galactic Horde was founded by Horde Prime in the distant past. Using vast armies of clones and fleets of starships, they conquered most of the known universe. After receiving Hordak's distress signal, they invade Etheria at the end of the fourth season. During the fifth season, their forces occupy Etheria and blockade the planet.



The Galactic Horde was founded by Horde Prime, who used an army of clones to take over most of the universe. They traveled in a massive armada with the Velvet Glove acting as Horde Prime's flagship. They wiped out worlds and toppled federations and empires, including the First Ones. During their war with the First Ones, they invaded the Krytis, a planet which had been colonized by the First Ones to study its magic. After driving off the First Ones from the planet, the Galactic Horde attempted to conquer it but failed due to the natives' use of powerful magic. Horde Prime eventually gave up and had his forces wipe out all of the natives. Only a single magical creature named Melog survived the Galactic Horde's massacre.

The Galactic Horde also invaded and destroyed the Star Siblings' planet, forcing the Star Siblings to go on the run from them. They also attacked a crystal planet that had acted as a refugee center for those on the run from the Horde. After conquering the crystal planet, Horde Prime had the planet stripped of all its resources on the surface, rendering the world dangerously unstable.

After being stranded on Etheria, Hordak created a separate faction of the Horde and sought to create a portal to summon the Galactic Horde's armies.

Season 3

Their existence is revealed in the Season 3 premiere "The Price of Power". During her interrogation at Bright Moon, Shadow Weaver reveals to the Rebellion's leaders that Hordak's plan is to use a portal to summon the Galactic Horde's armies. She describes them as "a force so large, you cannot even comprehend it."

They appear as silhouettes during Hordak's flashback in "Huntara".

They make their first appearance at the end of Season 3. Their armada is shown heading towards a shattered planet as Horde Prime receives Hordak's distress signal aboard his flagship, the Velvet Glove.

Season 4

The Horde armada is briefly shown at the end of "Mer-Mysteries". Numerous starships are seen gathering around the Velvet Glove.

The Galactic Horde's fleet arrives at Etheria during the fourth season's finale, "Destiny Part 2". Their starships appear over Etheria's skies immediately after She-Ra's sword is shattered by Adora.

Season 5

Following the Galactic Horde's arrival, they easily conquered most of Etheria. They forced the Rebellion to abandon its stronghold at Bright Moon and hide in the Whispering Woods under a cloaking spell. They presumably conquered the Kingdom of Plumeria, as Plumeria's citizens are shown evacuating.

In the episode "Horde Prime", the Galactic Horde's starships are seen hovering above the Whispering Woods and dropping off large spires that act as landing crafts and mobile garrisons for the Galactic Horde's soldiers. A large number of Galactic Horde robots are deployed to scout out the forest, only to come across evacuating refugees from the Kingdom of Plumeria. The Galactic Horde's forces attack the refugees and are destroyed by the Princess Alliance.

Later, a large contingent of Horde robots is sent to attack the Rebellion's camp. They nearly overwhelm the Princesses before being called off by Horde Prime. This enables the Princesses to regroup and work together to destroy the attacking force.

In the episode "Launch", the Princess Alliance attacks one of the Galactic Horde's spires in order to gain intel. After fighting off the spire's robotic soldiers, they discover that Horde Prime has ordered more of the Galactic Horde's starships to go to Etheria and blockade the planet.

After the episode "Perils of Peekabluee", the Galactic Horde used the brainwashed Princesses to lead their occupations of various towns across Etheria. The town of Erelandia was amongst those taken over by the Galactic Horde.

In the episode "An Ill Wind", mass revolt breaks out across numerous planets under Horde occupation. According to one of Prime's clones, at least a dozen planets had staged successful uprisings with the Star Siblings acting as the leaders. This makes Horde Prime even more determined to acquire the Heart of Etheria.



The Galactic Horde appears to be an absolute monarchy completely under the rule of Horde Prime. Whether the empire has a capital or homeworld is unknown. Horde Prime is shown to rule from his gigantic flagship, the Velvet Glove.


The Galactic Horde possesses an extremely powerful military as they were able to defeat the First Ones' and dismantle their empire, despite the First Ones' use of magic and advanced technology. They were also able to conquer the entire universe and rule over it for many centuries. The majority of the Galactic Horde's military appears to consist of Prime's clones and robotic soldiers. Unlike their Etherian counterparts, Galactic Horde robots are far more powerful, being armed with a blade and a laser cannon. Hordak's flashback shows that the rank of general exists in the intergalactic Horde's military and presumably is the one to command it. The Galactic Horde is shown to possess a massive spacefaring navy. In the episode "Taking Control", the Galactic Horde is shown to possess fighters that resemble their larger warships.


According to Hordak, the Galactic Horde holds dominion over the entirety of the known universe. During Hordak's time as a general, the Horde Empire conquered multiple galaxies as well as countless worlds.

Society and Culture

The Galactic Horde's society is based around a cult of personality surrounding their leader, Horde Prime. Everything in the empire is seen as an extension of Prime's will. Clones in the empire are shown to dress uniformly. Individualistic thinking is forbidden as only Prime's thoughts are considered important. Any clones which develop abnormalities are subjected to extreme discrimination and persecution, as Hordak was effectively sent to die due to his genetic defects and independent nature.

The Galactic Horde views Horde Prime as something akin to a god. Clones are taught that Prime is perfect and that the universe exists solely to be ruled by Horde Prime. The Galactic Horde's soldiers believe that the universe needs Horde Prime's "light" to bring order to chaotic darkness.


The intergalactic Horde is shown to possess technology far more advanced and superior in comparison to its Etherian counterpart, or even the First Ones' technology. They make use of massive spaceships, holograms, mass-produced cloning, and very effective long-range communication systems and scanners. They are implied to possess planet-destroying capabilities as their appearance in the third season's finale suggests that they shattered a moon. They are later shown to brainwash Etheria's people using control chips that fuse with one's nervous system. These control chips are connected to Horde Prime's hive mind, enabling Prime to see through the eyes of those chipped and even speak through them.



  • Horde Prime - Founder / Emperor / Owner of the Velvet Glove

Agents and Soldiers

  • Hordak - Clone / Former General
  • Wrong Hordak - Clone (defected)
  • Horde Prime's clones - Soldiers/Guardians of Horde Prime
  • Horde Prime's robots - Robotic Soldiers
  • Double Trouble (briefly, in order to gain Horde Prime's favour and for protection)

Brainwashed with Control Chips

  • Catra (later defected)
  • Spinnerella
  • King Micah
  • Mermista
  • Scorpia
  • Huntara
  • Many of the Rebellion's soldiers
  • All the inhabitants of Elberon
  • Admiral Scurvy and his crew



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