Galan Mossa, whose real name is unknown, also known by the nickname "The Bearded Gentleman", is a mercenary on the payroll of Rustal Elion and a major antagonist in episodes 30 to 32 of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

He is voiced by Kenta Miyoki in the original Japanese version, and by Lex Lang in the English dubbed version.


The Bearded Gentleman was a mercenary who had all information on his past life erased so he could serve Rustal Elion as a covert spy within Arbrau. He also served as a mentor to Julieta Juris, who greatly looked up to him.

Seeking to undermine McGillis Fareed's public image, Rustal decided to arrange a proxy war in McGillis' sphere of influence through the Bearded Gentleman, whom he had infiltrate the Arbrau military and assume the alias of "Galan Mossa". Under Rustal's orders, Galan planted a bomb to assassinate Arbrau Prime Minister Togonosuke Makanai, hoping the bombing would lead to the SAU being blamed and trigger a war between Arbrau and the SAU. While the bomb failed to kill Makanai, it left both him and Tekkadan Earth Branch leader Chad Chadan hospitalized and in comas.

Galan, using is influence as an Arbrau military advisor, took charge of the response to the attack and convinced the Tekkadan Earth Branch's acting leader Takaki Uno to follow his orders. Galan had the Arbrau military and Tekkdan Earth Branch wage a guerrilla war against McGillis' Gjallarhorn forces, hoping to drag the conflict out for years so McGillis' popularity would plummet. However, the plan was thwarted about a month into the proxy war when McGillis unexpectedly entered the fighting to put down the rogue Tekkadan forces and the main Tekkadan forces arrived from Mars to resume command of the Earth Branch. His masquerade uncovered, Galan fled with his mercenary

Tekkadan then tracked down Galan's mercenary army and defeated them, though Galan killed himself by blowing up his mobile suit to prevent Tekkadan and McGillis from learning about Rustal's role in the plot, though they nevertheless still suspected him. Though Galan and Rustal's plan was a failure, it did force Tekkadan to dissolve their Earth Branch and consolidate it into their main forces.


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