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Galberos is a three-headed hellhound-like kaiju that has appeared as an antagonist several times in the Ultraman franchise.


Ultraman Nexus

Galberos fought Ultraman Nexus and was destroyed by Nexus's Core Impulse Attack.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Galberos appeared as one of Alien Nackle's monsters. Nackle had Galberos create illusions of the monster Zetton to tire out Rei and Gomora before having Galberos attack the pair. However, Rei became overwhelmed with Rayblood energy, transforming him into Burst Mode Reimon and Gomora into Reionic Burst Gomora. Reionic Burst Gomora then promptly obliterated Galberos.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Galberos appears as a member of the Belial Army. He fought Litra alongside Sadola, Vakishim, Alien Reflect, Ho, and Tyrant. He was later destroyed by Ultraman Zero with a kick to the chest after the Ultra killed Red King.

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