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Galberos (ガ ル ベ ロ ス Garuberosu), also known as Gelberos or Garuberus, is a three-headed extraterrestrial beast, dog or wolf serving as a recurring antagonist in the Ultraman franchise.


Ultraman Nexus

Galberos was the first extraterrestrial monster to fought Ultraman Nexus. Shortly after Jun bonded with Ultraman Nexus for the first time, Galberos appeared to be on a rampage in the field. Ultraman Nexus appeared shortly afterward, transforming into Junis form and creating a Meta Field around them. Luckily for the Nexus, Galberos was not up to par with the Nexus' speed and was immediately crushed by the Core Impulse Nexus attack.

Sometime later after Nosferatu is destroyed, Dark Mephisto revives Galberos to attack the Night Raiders while Jun faces Mizorogi (Dark Mephisto's human form). With no other choice, Jun transforms into Ultraman Nexus to face Galberos within the meta sphere while Mizorogi flees. Once again the battle goes to Nexus' favor as now the Night Raiders are also fighting Galberos. However, the odds changed after Galberos used hypnosis to get the Night Raiders to attack Nexus instead. With that opportunity, Galberos bites Nexus's left arm, creating an internal wound that will be exploited again in the future for Nexus. Fortunately, The Night Raiders finally brushed aside hypnosis and attacked the space monsters alongside Nexus. But before they can finish off Galberos, Dark Mephisto arrives and moves Galberos and himself to safety. Dark Mephisto (as Mizorogi) then summons Galberos after creating a dark field to his advantage against the Night Raiders. Jun transforms into Ultraman Nexus again, but is still in pain from the wound Galberos left on his arm. Mizorogi protects Galberos with a force field from the Night Raiders until one of the members, Nagi shoots him from behind. Without Mizorogi / Dark Mephisto's protection, the dark field disappeared and Galberos was immediately destroyed by Ultraman Nexus' Over-Ray Schtrom.

A few months later while Ren was hosting the Nexus show, Galberos was brought back to life, this time by an Unknown Hand to help Mega Flash. With Nexus fighting two extraterrestrial monsters, the hero was immediately defeated by his enemies. However Ultraman Nexus did not give up and after the Night Raiders used Ultimate Vanisher to destroy the Mega Flash, Galberos was killed shortly after by Schtrom's Sword.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Alien Nackle's Galberos. He was first used (invisible) to kill Alien Zelan's Arstron. Later, Nackle summons him again to create the hypnotic illusion of the monster Zetton to fight Rei and Gomorrah. Whenever Zetton seemed to be destroyed, he would "come back" to fight and leave Rei and Gomorrah weak. After the two of them were weak enough, Galberos revealed himself and attacked the exhausted Gomorrah. Suddenly pushed to their limit, Reimon becomes overwhelmed by Rayblood's energy and anger, turning him into Reimon Burst Mode, Gomora also acquiring Reionic Burst Gomora form. Now with uncontrolled power, Gomorrah immediately vaporized Galberos and his teacher immediately followed.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Galberos was revived as one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He teamed up with Sadola, Alien Reflect, Vakishim, Hoe, and Tyrant to defeat Litra. Galberos was later recalled along with the other monsters who were still alive, when Reimon and Gomorrah went on a rampage, until Ultraman Zero appeared and then Galberos teamed up with the remaining monsters to take him down. Galberos then looks like the one seen right after the Red King was crushed by Zero and destroyed shortly after Zero hit him and was killed with a kick.

Ultra Zero Fight

Galberos reappeared in the first, third, and fifth episodes of Ultra Zero Fight as Galberos of the Daze, as a member of The Four Beast Warriors of Hell. In this short series, Galberos is one of the many monsters that Alien Bat (along with Red King, Bemstar, and Gan-Q), revived to battle Ultraman Zero. Shortly after Ultraman Zero destroyed the EX Red King in his Strong-Corona form, Galberos hypnotized the Ultra to fight the illusion of ghosts from his newly acquired Strong-Corona and Luna-Miracle forms. While having experienced a little difficulty at first due to the illusion being interfered with by all of Zero's attacks, Zero managed to counter the illusion and as a result, Galberos was killed after Ultraman Zero sliced his head open with the Zero Slugger.

Ultraman Ginga

Galberos reappears in the seventh episode of Ultraman Ginga as Dark Galberos. He was turned into a Spark Doll by Dark Lugiel along with all the monsters and Ultraman. The host is Tsuyoshi Osata, a professional boxer, but reluctantly retires. Osata was later claimed to be a loser by the media, after a gambling incident.

He agreed to a wrestling match against the Black King, and fought fairly until Ultraman Ginga was summoned. Then he made a duplicate to trick Ginga, but he created it himself to confuse the conman. Ginga then uses Ginga Fireball to turn Dark Galberos back into a Spark Doll. Closed WorldIt is likely that Dark Galberos returned to space in his original form after Ultraman Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel.


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