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Gale, also called the "Bad Princess", is the main antagonist of the 2014 video game and animated series Angry Birds Stella , replacing the King Pig from the standard Angry Birds titles.

She was voiced by Paula Vesala.

Official Description

Gale is not a real princess - she just thinks she is! She's beautiful, clever and charismatic. She used to be best friends with Stella and her friends (Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, Luca) but Gale became blinded by pride, vanity, and power. Now she's obsessed with finding the mysterious and mythical Golden Egg, even though it means she's not friends with Stella anymore. Whether she'll actually ever find the Golden Egg, no one knows...

The Bad Princess loves being the center of attention - after all, she pretends to be a princess so she loves all the fuss and care she gets from her Minion Pigs, However, she secretly misses her old friends - especially Stella - and hopes they'll get back together one day.

LOVES: Power, Being bossy!

FAVORITE MODES OF TRANSPORT: Swan Boat, Piggy Princess Carriage.



Angry Birds Stella

Gale commands a minion pig to break into Stella's house and steal her scrapbook, causing her and the rest of her flock to go after Gale's ship in order to get the scrapbook back, which held their personal pictures.

She and her minion pigs end up neglecting and abusing the wildlife, angering the flock even more.

However, due to the discontinuation of the game, it is unknown what happened after this. Originally the flock ventured into the cave, and afterward, it was changed to a carnival, but neither actually ended up becoming playable updates.

Angry Birds POP!

Likely for the same reasons in the first game, Gale is presented as the main antagonist of the game.

However, not much is known due to the Stella label being removed from the game, but then she was playable for a limited time.

Angry Birds Stella: The Series

Gale is Stella's former best friend until one day they fell out in different ways. She earned the titles, "Bad Princess" and Golden Queen when she put on the golden crown in order to control the Minion Pigs. She is obsessed with the golden egg and spends most of her time with the Pigs to find it. Part of her wants to reunite with her friends but she is blinded by pride, vanity, power, and greed. Multiple things make her angry and she is dangerously cunning.

Gale feels the need to have all power, so she is angered when somebody takes her source, which is her crown, as shown in "Don't Steal My Birthday!", where Luca the golden crown to Stella. When Gale mistook that Stella was stealing her crown, she became enraged, wrecked Stella's birthday party, and ended it by pushing the tall, blue cake towards Stella.

Gale and Stella reconciled their friendship in You Asked for It when she got turned into gold by the Golden Egg.

The Angry Birds Movie

In The Angry Birds Movie, Gale is a minor character and had yet to be corrupted by the golden crown. She is seen to be a good friend of Stella, along with the other members of her flock. She is first seen standing in line for worms sold at the Early Bird's worm stand after Red completed his civil court case and set off to the Infinity Acceptance Center to serve his sentence.

Gale then joined Stella and her friends in performing a welcome celebration for the pigs when they arrive at the island, before sitting down with other fellow birds to watch the pigs give their performances. After the pigs were defeated in the Battle of Pig City, she and her friends took part in repairing damage to the village inflicted by the pigs when they stole the birds' eggs, but not without stopping to spontaneously give the Hug Trader a huge group hug.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

By the end of the Great Egg War and the creation of the Bird-Pig Alliance years after the Battle of Pig City, Gale was enrolled at Avian Academy.


Gale is often known to have extremely high standards, usually not accepting things that aren't to her likes or taste. She is very hot-headed and has an extremely arrogant and high-minded personality. She is extremely self-centered and does not prefer carrying her own responsibilities. She is very narcissistic.

She is also known to be extremely disloyal, leaving her best friends for a life with the pigs, who treated her as their queen because of her golden crown.

However, Gale has been known to deeply care for her friends regardless of her personality, and this constantly interferes with her isolation at her castle.

Powers and Abilities

Currently, Gale can only be used with the Character-Swap function. When used, you will be prompted to drag your finger from a certain point to another with a limited distance while your cursor acts as a paintbrush covered with honey. After you let your finger go, the line joining the two points will be covered in honey. Then, Gale will appear from the far from starting point and fly through the line, destroying and pushing everything in the way. It's ability is similar to the Mighty Eagle, but with the player not required to use the slingshot.



Gale and Stella once had an extremely positive relationship, being best friends and constantly being together. Stella, however, had to put up with Gale's self-centered attitude but nonetheless accepted her as a friend after gale found the golden crown in the middle of the forest.

However, their relationship was axed at the end of the episode A Fork in the Friendship when Gale took the role of the queen with the Minion Pigs, and additionally when Stella was kicked out of her castle by minion pigs, breaking her heart. In Bad Princess, she sent the minion pigs to cut down the trees in the forest. Later after Stella stopped some of the Minion Pigs, Stella found Gale's Castle and entered it. Stella found a big wooden statue of Gale inside nearby the entrance of the Castle. They (Gale and Stella) interact again and Stella is very angry at Gale because she was responsible for the damage to the forest. So she let Handsome Pig command the Minion Pigs to kick Stella out of the Castle. In the episode The Golden Egg, Gale was spying on Stella with her gold telescope. Later, she tries to chop down the Big Treehouse with some sort of Tree Chopper but was stopped by Stella. They were glaring at each other in disappointment, but then Luca comes right in and hugs Gale, which then Stella takes him away. Gale didn't like that one bit. Gale sends off the Minion Pigs to attack while she looks in her book where she can find the Golden Egg. Gale continues to go forward with her Chopper to chop the Big treehouse while Stella and her friends fight the pigs off. Stella knocks Handsome Pig off the Chopper by throwing Luca at him. Then Stella throws a mallet at Gale, but she keeps ongoing. Poppy uses a huge hammer to hit the Gong, which breaks the instrument and the Chopper. After that, Gale and the Minion pigs retreated to the Castle.

Stella ends up attempting to move on with the rest of her flock and chooses to ignore what Gale has done until the events of Don't Steal My Birthday!, where Gale returned in what seems to be an attempt to throw Stella a party. However, due to her self-centered nature Gale ended up attempting to make the focus on her, and while Stella and Gale were bonding, it ended up negatively coming to an end. They don't interact again until To The Bitter End. Both Stella and Gale ended up being trapped inside an active volcano, causing them to bond together until Gale fell for the temptation of the Golden Egg, causing to be what seemed her demise and for Stella to believe that Gale had died.

However, this was not the case, as Gale managed to escape but no longer had her crown. The rest of the flock took her in, and Stella and her friends looked after her. Handsome Pig ended up retrieving the crown, and Gale returned to her role as the queen, causing Stella to be angered once again.

Gale constantly makes attempts to bring Stella and her friends to her castle, but Stella refused. After multiple attempts, she reluctantly gave in but ended up in a plan to get the golden egg back. However, Gale found out and ended up turning to gold in an accidental situation. Stella rushed over to aid her, remembering the past and in the end, chose to return Gale from gold. Gale saw the golden egg and was traumatized, running away with the Minion Pigs following her. Due to the conclusion of the series, it is unknown what happened afterward. Stella was scared of Gale with the Golden Egg.


Gale casually knows Red. Her charm alone at one point convinced him to take an exercise class with her, in spite of his excuses not to do so. In Angry Birds POP!, after Red's flock joined forces with Stella and her friends in their bubble-popping quest, however, Gale had no trouble seeing Red as just another threat to her plans. Later into the adventure, however, she sided with her fellow Birds once again.


While not under the influence of the Golden Crown, Gale is on amicable terms with Matilda and easily agrees to her plan for an early attempt to foster peace with the Pigs by establishing a dream resort for them. Eager to try out her idea, Gale is the first to establish one of its services, a spa.

Handsome Pig

Handsome Pig always tries to make her fall in love with him since she found the Golden Crown, it's shown that his romantic interest with her isn't because of it, however, as seen in Friends Whenever where helped her even without the crown. His attempts to reach the perfect love always fail due to something such as the plan turning out to be an accidental trap or she falls in love with the Golden Egg.


  • Gale is currently the only villain in the main series that is a Bird. Ironically, her henchmen are still pigs, suggesting she defected to them.
  • She is the fifth member of the birds that is a villain aside of the pigs, the first is Nigel, the second was Darth Vader, the third is Red Bird in an episode of Angry Birds Toons (more specifically Golditrotters) and fourth is Sword Spirit.
  • The word gale means storm. Gale's ability might be about storms, however this was later proven false.
  • Actually, "Gale" refers to either the Gaelic name for a bird's cry or means "stranger" in Irish, fitting her villainous status and the fact that she betrays Stella and her friends according to her backstory.



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