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With an army of Master Hands under its control, Galeem sought to create a new world. The fighters and their countless stories... came to an end as the light consumed them. Thus, the universe was crushed in the hands of Galeem. Those who fought the light were devoured. The others lost their bodies and became spirits. Only one survived... A star of hope twinkles faintly as the dust settles on the new world. Galeem copied the fallen fighters, creating empty puppets in their likenesses... Then, Galeem forced the captive spirits to pull the puppets' strings. This army of puppet fighters spread themselves across the last remaining world. Can anyone free the spirits from Galeem's control? Is there any hope for the fallen fighters? The journey to defeat Galeem begins...
~ The Narrator describing Galeem's evil acts.
On that day, when the sky fell away, our world came to an end...
~ Lifelight's, the theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, lyrics about the end of the world.

Galeem (in Japanese: キーラ, Kiira) is one of the two main antagonists in the story mode "World of Light" of the 2018 videogame Super Smash Bros Ultimate alongside Dharkon.

It is the light counterpart of Dharkon. While Dharkon wishes to eradicate all life in darkness, Galeem wishes to bring it into pure light.


Galeem appears at the beginning of the story where it is confronted by every known fighter present. Here, he has a bunch of Master Hand clones by his side. Galeem then proceeds to wipe out all of the fighters in light, which then expands throughout the entire universe, wiping out all life. Kirby was the sole survivor of the attack. The other fighters were captured by Galeem's forces rather than destroyed (or else Galeem revived them). Using its light, Galeem creates copies of the fighters and used spirits of the lifeforms it absorbed to animate the hollow copies, creating an army of hostile puppets.

After all fighters trapped in Galeem's world have been revived, Galeem is confronted once more at his base to the north, where it is defeated in battle. Dharkon then emerges from the sky, leading an army of Crazy Hands. Galeem manages to flee but comes back once Dharkon has been defeated. From here on, Galeem, leading an army of Master Hands continues on his conflict with Dharkon.

If the player chooses to fight and defeat Galeem, Dharkon will deliver the final blow upon Galeem and drown the world into darkness. However, if the player defeats Dharkon instead, Galeem defeats Dharkon before eradicating all life once more into the light.

If both are defeated, their bodies will shatter into bits as they fall down into the ocean below them, erupting in a flash of light and ending their conflict once and for all as the spirits they once controlled fly free.

After their defeat, both Galeem and Dharkon become primary legendary spirits themselves, being the two most powerful spirits in the entire game and granting fighters the abilities "Bane of Darkness" (for Galeem) and "Bane of Light" (for Dharkon), allowing fighters to deal massive amounts of damage to light spirits (for Dharkon) or dark spirits (for Galeem) at risk of receiving higher damage.


Galeem appears to be a glowing ball. He surrounded by wing-shaped objects that orbit his body and vary through bright colors. Throughout his battle with the fighters, Galeem can change into different forms using his wings.





  • Galeem is referred to using neuter pronouns when he makes his first appearance. However, in the tips that explain how the Spirits work in the World of Light, Galeem is referred to using masculine pronouns.
  • Galeem's name is a corruption of "Gleam", similar to how Dharkon's name is a corruption of "Darken".
    • Additionally, Galeem's Japanese name "Kiira" is notably similar to the Japanese word for "killer" (in Japanese: キラー, Kiraa), somewhat referencing his actions at the start of the game.
  • The colors of Galeem's wings are the same colors used for the logo of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.
  • Galeem's appearance, a ball of energy with multiple wings, resembles a Seraph, an angel of the highest order of celestial hierarchy and serving as protectors of God's throne.
    • Plus, in Abrahamic religions, it is said that a Seraph appearing in the mortal world is a sign of the beginning of the apocalypse. This is similar to Galeem's role in World of Light, where it tries to destroy everyone.
  • Galeem's villainy is extremely ironic, considering that he is a being of pure light.


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