Galgania is one of the Warrior Beasts and an antagonist in the Great Mazinger anime, only appearing in the episode "Burn!! Desperate Counterattack of Anger!".


Galgania and Alekteus were sent to destroy the Great Mazinger in an island. He initially managed to hit the Great Mazinger with one of his missiles. He then utilized his horns to defend off the Missile Punches of the Great Mazinger. Alekteus took an aggressive action against the Great Mazinger wih his electrical bolts, and Galgania roughly forced him. The two Warrior Beasts took an aggressive action against the Great Mazinger in an unceasingly intense way. In a short time, Venus A experienced the same fate.

With the two robotic heroes knocked down, the Great General Of Darkness gave Galgania an authoritative direction to attack the Science Lab, leaving Alekteus to take measures concerning with the two robots. Galgania moved forward to the Lab, and began going at the pace of a gallop around the Lab, causing a significant amount of destruction. The combined attack severely had a detrimental effect on the Lab, and the Great General Of Darkness brusquely asked Dr. Kabuto to capitulate it to Mikene's forces, so this gave him three minutes to make a choice. Meanwhile, Boss Borot attempted to take an aggressive action against Galgania, but he used his tail to knock him down.

When the attack was renewed, Galgania continuously discharged missiles at the Lab. However, he was hit by one of its photon cannons, and died from exploding.


Galgania is a mammalian Warrior Beast with a bovine-like appearance. He has thick purple armor covering his body, a panther-like face, white eyes, large sharp fangs similar to the saber-toothed cat, an orange underbelly, a black nose, and two large salmon horns similar to the yak, and two small yellow horns underneath. He has horse-like legs with hoofed feet and a long tail. He has several large yellow spikes across his body. He also has a true face located in the back.

Powers and Abilities

Galgania's spikes are able to act as missiles. He has an ability to roughly force something into place with his horns like a ram, and use his tail like a length of cord fastened to a handle.

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