Galilah is a supporting antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "South of Friendship, North of Honor". He is a corrupt Safety Patrol officer who is in league with J.T. Thrift Jr. of MacLuhan Middle School.


Galilah was first seen taking the desk that once belonged with Wayne Liggett's old partner Emily Kinzey, who left the Safety Patrol out of disgust against Thrift Jr.'s corruption. Upon being told that the school's pralines have been stolen in Spring Break, the school's Safety Patrol (along with the visiting Cornelius Fillmore) were tasked to find them.

However, this wasn't the case when Liggett was suspended from the Patrol by Thrift Jr. for having personal photos on his desk, and Fillmore found out that the stolen pralines were hidden inside boxes posing as bricks inside the room and that Galilah was helping Thrift Jr. smuggling them through the school's sewer system for profit.

When this was pointed out, Fillmore is sent down to the sewers by Thrift and his gang, but Galilah and the others panicked when a crocodile comes into the scene. However, Thrift Jr. learns that the crocodile is just a rubber floating toy and calls out on Galilah and the others for falling such a stupid trick.

After Thrift Jr.'s actions were exposed to the school, it can be implied that Galilah and the rest of Thrift Jr.'s cohorts would be stripped of their occupations and sent to either detention or suspension for their villainous actions.


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