Galious is the titular villain and final boss from The Maze of Galious.

Galious was a evil priest well versed in the dark arts. He sold his own soul to the devil in exchange for power, seeking to cover the world in darkness. Since he needed a castle for his dark ritual, he summoned the demon Hudnos and ordered him to kidnap Aphrodite, so that Popolon would go after her and leave the Greek kingdom unprotected. On Popolon's absence, Galious invaded the castle with his demonic minions and turned it into his base of operations.

Galious then goes to heaven and kidnaps the yet unborn son of Popolon and Aphrodite. After Popolon defeats Hudnos and rescues Aphrodite, they return to the Greek Kingdom only to find the place desolate and infested with monsters. Arriving at the castle, the two learn of Galious's evil plan and enter the castle to save their future son and retake the castle.

The couple explore the castle, receiving the aid of the gods on their quest. After defeating Galious's demonic minion's, the two find his secret chamber and confront him. Galious ends defeated, so the kingdom is free from his evil influence.


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